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Housse de Racket

Housse de Racket are a French pop rock duo in the vain of Phoenix meets the whole new Ivy Indie scene of Chester French (Harvard), Vampire Weekend (Columbia) & Hey Champ (Princeton). They are opening for a few Jamie Lidell dates in Europe. Gonzales remixed their single “Oh Yeah” turning it into a track that sounds like a soulful Daft Punk’s “Teachers”.

Housse de Racket – Oh Yeah (Gonzales Remix)

Housse de Racket – Oh Yeah (TEPR Remix)

Housse de Racket Myspace

Check out their music video for “Oh Yeah”
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SebastiAn Remixes

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Daft Punk x Nevereverland 2007

Cheers, Let The Music Play

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Squarepusher – Just A Souvenir – Download and Stream Now!

Wow. That is all I got to say. There are quite a few pop moments on this album. The first track totally reminds me of the Andre 3000 produced John Legend’s track “Green Light”. Andre 3000 is very public about his love for Squarepusher. Once again good job Mr. Jenkinson. For some reason I feel like the next Daft Punk album will be moving in this direction. The Daft duo are also big fans of Squarepusher, they put “Do You Know Squarepusher?” on a playlist they curated last year.

PS. I totally forgot that Asian Dan is 1 years old. It’s birthday was 3 days ago on the 14th, I just have been busy with school I totally forgot. Thank You all for reading and supporting Asian Dan. I cannot believe how far this blog has come in a year. I have met and made so many friends on the interwebs as well in the real world ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank You to all the artists that have made mixes for Asian Dan like NT89, Luca C, Jean Nipon, Luck On Strike, Neon Coyote and Astrolabe. Let’s all support these artists! Thanks for all the artists that have done interviews as well!! Cheers! Some big changes are finally coming soon!! So stay tuned! Once again Thank You all!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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So the Justice boys posted this Myspace bulletin:


We’re currently working on the booklet for our next release,
A CROSS THE UNIVERSE (documentary + live) and would like it to be made only of images provided by fans (though if you hate justice but have good material it’s OK).

Any fun (or dramatic) picture, image, or art related to justice ?
Please send them to

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Eine Kleine Nacht Musik

Rondo Veneziano’s “La Serenissima” has made quite an impression on the electronic music community within the past year. Justice dropped this track in their famous Xmas Mix, Daft Punk featured this track as one of their favorite dance tracks, Cazals used this track as their entrance music during their Daft Punk Japan tour and The Bloody Beetroots tapped into their Italian roots with their own cover, “We Are from Venice”. Now Eine Kleine Nacht Musik aka Riton has tapped into this amazing track with his own rendition, adding a few Kraut elements to it. I definitely feel this version more than the Bloody Beetroots one (Sorry Bob!). But of course nothing beats the original ๐Ÿ™‚ Checkout his myspace for more Krautrocked-out tunes.

Eine Kleine Nacht Musik – La Serenissima
Eine Kleine Nacht Musik Myspace

Download an Eine Kleine Nacht Musik Mixtape here:

God, I love this video so much ๐Ÿ™‚

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Sebastien Tellier American Apparel Viva Radio Mix

American Apparel Viva Radio mix – Sebastien Tellier

Cheers, Discobelle

I shall be seeing Sebastien Tellier in Toronto next week, Aug 4 at the Mod Club. I am super excited ๐Ÿ™‚ So see you all there! Here is a fun little mix of songs that Sebastien put together. Quite pop.

1. Sebastien Tellier โ€“ Lโ€™Amour et La Violence (Boys Noize Main version)
2. Michael Jackson โ€“ Rock With You
3. Sebastien Tellier โ€“ Roche
4. Justin Timberlake โ€“ Cry Me A River
5. Sebastien Tellier โ€“ Mauer
6. Babyshambles โ€“ Delivery
7. Sebastien Tellier โ€“ Look
8. Daft Punk โ€“ Veridis Quo
9. Marvin Gaye โ€“ Sexual Healing
10. Sebastien Tellier โ€“ Kilometer
11. Low Motion Disco โ€“ Things Are Gonna Get Easier (Sebastien Tellier Vocal Remix)

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Cazals x Daft Punk

Daniel from Cazals sent me this cover of Digital Love that they played live on Radio 1 for the BBC a few years ago. Daniel feels it is a weak cover but I think that it is a great “rock” cover of this tune. They even nail the raging guitar solo at the end. Goes to show you how well Daft Punk’s songwriting is and that their music translates well into any genre. God bless Daft Punk.

Cazals – Digital Love (Live on Radio 1)

Cazals are making their live US debut tonight in NYC. Unfortunately I will not be there ๐Ÿ™ But stay tuned for some Asian Dan Coverage of the show ๐Ÿ™‚

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Daft Punk x Kurtech

Daft Punk – Aerodynamic (Kurtech Remix)

Kurtech finally found this track and sent it over to me, he wants everyone to know that this was his first remix ever and that he has learned a lot more, pssh this is such a great remix of Daft Punk, a feat that very few people have achieved let alone a 17 year old producer from down under ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy!
Asian Dan Interview: KURTECH

Kurtech Myspace

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Daft Punk in the Studio, Busy P steps down

Gianluca Fallone

Ed Banger records head Pedro Winters has stepped down from managing Daft Punk to concentrate on the label and his own musical career as Busy P. But that didn’t stop him from dropping a serious robot bomb on Aussie electronic site InTheMix.

“The boys are in a studio in Paris at the moment,โ€ Winters revealed to ITM. โ€œAnd I canโ€™t wait to listen to their new stuff! The good thing is that they are making music at the moment. – Daft Punk in Studio, Pedro out as manager

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