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Cloud Boat : Lions on the Beach

Cload Boat are currently supporting the internet/post-dubstep golden boy, James Blake. Cloud Boat are a duo that are experimenting with this genre known as “post-dubstep”. They take Mount Kimbie’s live approach with guitars and James Blake’s RnB vocal manipulation mixed in with some of Bon Iver’s introspective crooning and acoustic guitar to create a very delicate and fresh take on this forever mutating genre. I was most surprised by this clip when that voice came out of that man – a heavily processed falsetto.

Hopefully Cloud Boat will supporting James Blake for his upcoming North American tour. Cloud Boat will be releasing music on R&S Records very soon. Till then listen to this clip of “Lions on the Beach”. Beautiful stuff.

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Music Video : Holy Ghost! “Wait & See”

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Jai Paul : BTSTU (Edit)

Jai Paul is out of hiding and now armed with a fully compressed and bumping single/edit of his bloghaus hit, “BTSTU”. Jai is now backed by the epic XL Recordings who is providing reinforcements for his upcoming release, an EP or an LP? We will only have to wait and see. I may or may have not heard some other tracks that he is working on and “huge” is an understatement for what Jai Paul has up his sleeve. Also props to Jai Paul for still using a Myspace, lulz.

Jai Paul – BTSTU (Edit) by Jai Paul

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Jamaica x Alvin Risk

Dear Interwebs,

Do you know what happens when the blogosphere explodes into the “real world” and shit gets “real”? This remix is what happens. I met the talented Alvin Risk back in October after playing with the Jamaica gang at Webster Hall where I introduced him to the guys who said they would love the Alvin Risk remix touch on their next single “Jericho” – fast forward to today, here is the final product. It is a dancefloor revision of a straight-forward pop rock song that will make you dance quite hard and sing along at the same time. I especially love how he turned the intro into an epic bridge.

Pick up the entire Jericho EP which also features a remix from the one and only Todd Edwards.

Buy the Jericho EP on iTunes

Jamaica – Jericho (Alvin Risk Remix) by AlvinRisk

Catch the Jamaica guys on tour in North America now – Chicago Thursday night!
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Metronomy x Erol Alkan

Metronomy has released one of my favorite albums of the year with “The English Riviera” – an album that exercises the power of subtly through production, songwriting, lyrics, and musicianship. At first it took over 5+ listens to really appreciate and understand the album, especially after not being a fan of their previous LP’s. “The Look” was the tune that won me over and after seeing them live in Tours, France back in February I was ready to accept Metronomy into my life. Listen to this teaser of Erol Alkan’s remix of “The Bay” – a tune that makes slap bass cool again.

Metronomy – The Bay (Erol Alkan’s Extended Rework) PREVIEW by Erol Alkan

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Karmaloop TV @ SXSW : Boys Noize & Housemeister “The Future of Techno”

Me & the Karmaloop TV crew had the opportunity to catch up with Boys Noize & Housemesiter at the official Boys Noize Records SXSW 2011 party where both of them DJed along side a performance from Spank Rock. Both German gents spoke about Techno, Acid and their future releases. Boys Noize reveals some his exciting new projects with Sirisumo, Erol Alkan and the productions he made for Spank Rock’s upcoming album.

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FACT Mix 239 : Jamie xx & Oneman

Here is an amazing tag team mix by Jamie xx & Oneman care of the Boiler Room and Fact Magazine. So many disco gems and even some Hall & Oates – proving that no one is too cool for Hall & Oates. Bump this mix and get ready for multiple “Oh man THAT song” moments. Enjoy the musical journey…

Download: FACT Mix 239 : Jamie xx & Oneman

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Karmaloop TV @ SXSW : The Stepkids

It is no surprise that I am a big Stepkids fan as you can tell by the numerous posts recently. I had the opportunity to meet the guys down at SXSW and talk about their upcoming album, their experience being on Stones Throw Records as well as their amazing love for the one and only Steely Dan.

Pick up their limited edition vinyl now of “Shadows on Behalf” Stream the B-Side “La La” below, which is an amazingly soulful and beautiful psychedlic pop song.

The Stepkids – La La by stonesthrow

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Beastie Boys : Make Some Noise

The Beastie Boys return with some old school party jams. The trio embraces their electro/hip hop roots and enlists Mr. Zdar to take helm of mixing duties. Squelching synth, dirty breakbeat drums and a funky bassline takes the foreground setting up a vibe that is more forget about Tibet and all your problems and party, responsibly…?


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Music Video : Bibio “K is For Kelson”

“Mind Bokeh” is everything I expected from Bibio – a schizophrenic yet smart look into his musical mind often exploring territories that he should not be in but somehow pulling it off in his own “Bibio” way. “K is For Kelson” is summery Brazilian pop song made for Sesame Street. His latest music video for the “K for Kelson” with its 90s VHS public television/Sesame Street look at “Speak n’ Spell” theme proves that Bibio has been in on this joke the entire time. Bibio is everything a contemporary producer/artists/band should be – a self-aware musical chameleon that always should over-step their musical boundaries.

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