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Who is ASTROLABE? How do you describe your music?
ASTROLABE is organized by 3 members, a young boy, a modern computer and an old computer.
The modern computer loves 80’s idols so much and the old one likes simple beats and synth sounds.
The boy makes them play together. The three live in Tokyo.

What are your influences?
I’m very influenced by Y.M.O and 80’s Japanese Idols.

What do you think of the Japanese electronic music scene?
I think the Japanese electronic music scene now is not so good…
I don’t like Shinichi Osawa that much.
A new generation of Japanese electro is rising!

Future plans for ASTROLABE?

Mmm… it’s very difficult question. because I don’t know even about tomorrow!

I really like ASTROLABE’s production style with his choice of samples and how he manipulates them. I really like what he does on “FLAG” with that sax sample, it reminds me of something Mr. Oizo would do. “A Trial Run” is totally paying homage to Daft Punk 🙂 Those Japanese love Daft Punk.


ASTROLABE – Base 5-2


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Neon Coyote – From Chico With Love

Neon Coyote – From Chico With Love

Chico Love Myspace
Neon Coyote Myspace

Tracklist (40 tracks in 26:02 minutes)
1. Chromeo – Me And My Man (Krazyfiesta Remix)
2. Stuffa & Andy – Pretty Girls (ft. Mapei)
3. The Cool Kids – Pump Up The Volume (Flosstradamus Remix)
4. Bangers & Cash – Shake That
5. Congorock – Exodus
6. Symbol One – Everything Louder Then Everything Else
7. Michelle – You Don’t Know Michelle
8. Kid Sister – Pro Nails
9. Timbaland – Miscommunication (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)
10. Jean Aï Nipon & Orgasmic – Aurélie
11. James Braun – James Brown Is Dead
12. Danger – 11h30
13. Switch – A Bit Patchy (Eric Prydz Remix)
14. Western Spaghetti – We Are Terrorists
15. Wale – Nike Boots
16. Siriusmo – All The Girls (Yusek Remix)
17. Hot Chip – Shake A Fist (Diplo Remix)
18. Rick Ross – Money Make Me Cum
19. Treasure Fingers – Come True Tonight
20. Big Boi ft. Purple Ribbon Allstars – Kryptonite
21. Choreo – High Five
22. Bangers & Cash – Bitch
23. The Whip – Divebomb (Crystal Castles Remix)
24. Mendetz – The Boola (Requesters Hard To Find Remix)
25. Baxter Beez – Bring Me To The 8
26. Amanda Blank – Get It Now
27. Calling In Sick – Cali Games
28. Cryptonites – New Born
29. Q45 & Amy B – Naughty (Kissy Sell Out Remix)
30. KIM – System Breakdown
31. Tomas Anderson – Washing Up (Shinichi Osawa Re-Constract)
32. Spitzer – Avida Dollars
33. Bonde Do Role – Gasolina (Radioclit Remix)
34. Mockin’ Birds vs. Fagget Fairys – Ja Bi/Fake Drums
35. Amanda Blank ft. M.I.A. – Take It Easy
36. Primary 1 – Hold Me Down (The Shoes Remix)
37. Breakbot – Summer Party
38. Health – Tabloid Sores (Nosajthing Remix)
39. College – Teenage Color (Anoraak Remix)
40. Muscles – Lauren From Glebe / (Damage Edit)

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Erol Alkan Presents Disco 3000

Erol Alkan Presents Disco 3000

Much love to Discodust for sharing this!

Special 80 minute mix of spaced out disco, bubbling synthesis and balearic gems. A tribute to the days of tape edits and letting a single track play for ages…Made on 2 turntables with the aid of a 1970’s Cat Octave synth and Korg Stage Echo.

Erol Alkan: “i’ve put together a 80 minute mix of some disco vibes which are lighting up my stratosphere. i began mixing it up just for my own selfish ipod needs during a day off i had at christmas and only recently got round to finishing due to album commitments. most of the tracks are re-edited in some form or over, and i splashed some moody synth drizzle over some of the beats. i got another hour of this mix sitting about, dunno, i maybe save it for another edition. would love to play club sets more like this, who knows, maybe i will… anyone wanna do a party?”

Erol is a man of music. He does it all from DJing to Producing, he just loves music. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was a piano virtuoso or is going to score a film soon.

August 10 in Toronto, Erol Alkan, Soulwax and A-Trak are spinning as part of the TIME Festival. I am so excited. Soulwax AND Erol Alkan, two groups of men that just love music 🙂

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Justice The Early Years: Microloisir aka Gaspard Auge

Xavier and Gaspard’s latest looks. Look at that hair and ‘stache. He looks like a 70s Asian Moviestar.

A compilation album from 2003 featuring early Justice tracks surfaced in the blogosphere a few weeks ago and the first ever Justice track “Sure You Will” made its way to the public. Apparently it is a track that Justice is not very proud about and they describe it is a tribute to the Buggles. The French band Poney Poney is also featured on this compilation.
Musclorvision – Hits Up To You –

Microloisir is the moniker of Gaspard Auge when he was rolling solo. This is a very interesting track. I wonder if Gaspard is singing.

Mircoloisir – Back in Your Eyes

Once again hats off to Buzz en Direkt for this track.

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Chromeo x Yo Gabba Gabba

Yo Gabba Gabba just upped their hipster cred by having Chromeo on their show. Anyone have any info about this collab?
Chromeo Myspace

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SymbolOne x Danger

SymbolOne – Love Juice (Danger Remix) Link Removed

Sorry guys apparently this is a myspace rip according to SymbolOne himself, give it a listen at his myspace.

Once again Danger kills it with this remix, he is too good. His remix of We are Scientist has been on repeat on my ipod. Danger made his American debut this past Saturday in NYC with Crookers and is playing tonight in Brooklyn, so if you are in BK hit that up! Take some pics and give me a review!

Cheers, Buzz en Direkt

SymbolOne Myspace
Danger Myspace

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Pedrophilia EP


So this is So Me’s third stab at producing/remixing tracks. I have been impressed with his stuff and am excited to hear what other music he has created. This track is even Erol Alkan approved.

“I can vouch for So Me.. he has been sending me his music for a while now, some of it as work in progress stages.
The middle instrumental section of his Busy P remix is really, really good. Could be a seperate track in itself.”
Erol Alkan Forum

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Neon Coyote x Jay-Z x Pharrell

Jay-z feat. Pharrell – I Know (Neon Coyote Remix)

Neon Coyote Myspace

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So here is the real thing and it is really good 🙂 That shitty 2 min radio rip has nothing on the real thing. Enjoy!

MGMT – Electric Feel (Justice Remix) (yousendit)

MGMT – Electric Feel (Justice Remix) (zshare)

This interview is genius. I love how Xavier explains their songwriting process. Sometimes I forget that these guys are pop music geniuses.


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Mystery Jets – BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge

Here is a fantastic acoustic version of the Mystery Jets’ latest single “Two Doors Down”. The string section is a great touch, it shows how versatile their songs are as well as them as musicians. Unfortunately this is a rip from a webstream so there are a few computer beeps that interrupt the songs.
Mystery Jets Live on BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge

Mystery Jets – Two Doors Down (Live Lounge Version)

Here is the Mystery Jets cover of the Jesse McCartney written tune, “Bleeding Love” by Leonia Lewis. It is a great arrangement of this hit song.
Mystery Jets – Bleeding Love (Leonia Lewis Cover)

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