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Gaspard Augé : Escapades

Gaspard’s ode to the ornate and over the top synth pop of the 70s and 80s has arrived. “Escapades” is everything fun and playful about Justice. Enjoy the journey.

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Gaspard Augé : Force Majeure

“Force Majeure” reveals what Gaspard Augé, 1/2 of Justice brings to their epic signature sound. The track highlights the ornate, 70s Prog, 80s training montage, 8bit video game start screen music side of Justice. It shows that Gaspard’s sensibility is all about bringing these pop culture references that he loves into any of the music he produces. “Escapades” is out June on Ed Banger.

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Myd : Moving Men (Gaspard Augé & Victor le Masne Remix)

Gaspard Augé aka 1/2 of Justice emerges with this new remix for Myd’s super fun pop rock song, “Moving Men”. This is a hint at Gaspard’s soon to be released solo album on Ed Banger entitled “Escapades”. His remix includes all the regal and expensive chord changes that you would expect from Justice and their love for 70s prog and pop.

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Flying Lotus x Mary Anne Hobbs x Sonar 2010

I witnessed Flying Lotus live twice opening for Atoms for Peace back in April and it was quite the mind-bending sonic assault. He tastefully de-constructs and mashes his tunes with unsuspecting songs by the likes of Mr. Oizo, Portishead, Burial and Radiohead. The one and only Mary Anne Hobbs invited FlyLo to her stage at Sonar 2010 which happened last week in Barcelona. For those of you not there to witness it here is a 21 min sample of Flying Lotus’ magic.

FYI he drops his remix of Mr. Oizo x Gaspard Auge’s “Rubber” in the middle of the set.

Flying Lotus – A Taste of Sonar 2010

Cheers to Electrodrone for hooking it up.

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Rubber Soundtrack Teaser

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Justice The Early Years: Microloisir aka Gaspard Auge

Xavier and Gaspard’s latest looks. Look at that hair and ‘stache. He looks like a 70s Asian Moviestar.

A compilation album from 2003 featuring early Justice tracks surfaced in the blogosphere a few weeks ago and the first ever Justice track “Sure You Will” made its way to the public. Apparently it is a track that Justice is not very proud about and they describe it is a tribute to the Buggles. The French band Poney Poney is also featured on this compilation.
Musclorvision – Hits Up To You –

Microloisir is the moniker of Gaspard Auge when he was rolling solo. This is a very interesting track. I wonder if Gaspard is singing.

Mircoloisir – Back in Your Eyes

Once again hats off to Buzz en Direkt for this track.

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Surkin x Todd Edwards

Artwork by Gaspirator

Surkin – Next of Kin (Todd Edwards’ Re-Kindled Mix)

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"The cuervo gold, the fine Columbian, make tonight a wonderful thing"

Steely Dan sucking up to Wes Anderson
“So – let’s get going, shall we? Send the check for US$400,000 (advance on licensing fees) out by Fedex to Mickey by tomorrow and we’ll talk a little later in the day about merch, percentages, backend, soundtrack, ASCAP, etc.”
-Steely Dan
Ha, too bad there were no Darjeeling Limited inspired Steely Dan tracks in the movie.

Steely Dan – Hey Nineteen
Steely Dan – Peg

“But if we were great musicians and we had big studios, I think we would make something that sounds like late-’70s, West Coast pop music, like Steely Dan or something. But because we have to work in a simpler way, it ends up sounding like what we do.”
– Gaspard Auge (1/2 of Justice)

Justice – B.E.A.T.
Donna Summer – Dim All The Lights
Hmmmm interpolation?

“I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do)” helped inspire the song “Billie Jean”. “Michael Jackson once said directly to me that he hoped I didn’t mind that he copied that groove (from “I Can’t Go For That”). That’s okay; it’s something we all do. Eddie Van Halen told me that he copied the synth part from “Kiss on My List” and used it in “Jump”. I don’t have a problem with that at all.”
-Daryl Hall
Hall & Oates- You’re Too Much Too Soon (Todd Rundgren Produced)
One of the best synth lines ever, you cannot resist to dance.
Van Halen – Dancing In The Streets

Hall & Oates are going on a small North American tour in the winter, I am thinking of seeing them in Boston December 8, partying with drunk middle aged couples, woo, I will probably be one of the few college students there. Hall & Oates Tour Dates

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