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Mickey Moonlight : Close to Everything EP + DJ Set (Live in Lemuria)

Mickey Moonlight has always been the odd man out in the Ed Banger roster – in the best way possible. He adds a certain touch to the Ed Banger team with his Art-Disco-Haus Music. Mickey’s latest release the “Close To Everything” EP ventures into classic house territory with the title single. The B-Side, “The Son” delves into a tropicalista-disco full of syncopated percussion instruments.

Give this 50 min DJ set by Mr. Moonlight a listen and you will find out how much he loves Rustie – I count 3 tracks dropped from the amazing “Glass Swords” album. Also he mixes Justin Martin & Ardalan “Lezgo” into a classic Aphex Twin track circa his Analord days, “Where’s Your Girlfriend?” proving how much of a electronic music nerd he really is.

Mickey Moonlight – This Son by edbangerrecords

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Jean Nipon : LoveTape #1 “Amour Rapide”

Jean Nipon graces us with a 20 min mix entitled, LoveTape #1 “Amour Rapide”. He digs into some sexy bass jams that put out that good vibe. Yeaaaaaa.

Eliphino – I Just Can’t

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Blank Spaces : Memory Man

Let’s get deep this Monday AM with a new tune from Blank Spaces entitled “Memory Man”. It is song that is part Brian Eno, part Tangerine Dream mixed in with some dark 80s new wave. Just let the sounds engulf you…

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A-Trak : Mehdi Forever Minimix

A tribute to the man that would not stop smiling.

♥ ∞ M

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Sinjin Hawke Bootlegs 2011

I first heard of Sinjin Hawke when I heard the remix that him and the LOL Boys did of 702’s “Steelo” a tune that I play out quite a lot, a funky 2-step remix that always gets a good response. The Montreal native Sinjin Hawke has put together a full free download of all his RnB/Hip-Hip Bootlegs. It is a very impressive collection of re-visionings of some of the big hits of 2011 as well as some classic RnB cuts. Head over to Truants Blog for an interview with Sinjin Hawke.

Download: Sinjin Hawke Bootlegs 2011

702 – Steelo (Sinkin Hawke & LOL Boys Bootleg)

DJ Khaled – I’m On One (Sinjin Hawke Remix)

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Mr. Oizo : France7

Oizo returns with “France7” a track from his upcoming album, “Stade 2”. It is the usual yet so awesome Mr. Oizo that we all know and love. Imagine a synth that is farting and dying at the same time that producing this mutated funky acid that is slowly inchworming its way onto the dancefloor. It’s fucking weird but way too fucking cool.

MR OIZO / FRANCE7 by oizo mr 3000

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Noah & The Whale x Bibio

Bibio traverses into smooth disco territory that was once ruled by Alan Braxe & Fred Falke. With this remix of Noah & The Whale’s “Waiting for My Chance to Come” Bibio does his best Alan Braxe & Fred Falke impression with a slick bassline and kick/cowbell-on-4 drum pattern. But to truly Bibio-it-up there is a super smooth guitar solo interlude and a gnarly squelching outro synth solo. More music from Bibio!

Waiting For My Chance To Come – Bibio Remix by Noah and the Whale

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Emil & Friends : Crystal Ball

Emil & Friends is one day away from releasing the debut album, Lo & Behold. Eleven songs that take the listener on a genre trip. The single after the thoughtful “Prescriptions” is “Crystal Ball” a tune that pulls from the bloghaus sounds of 2007 and the big electro-pop of 2009 but with a fresh vibe of 2011. I will let the songs speak for itself and let your feet do the dancing.

PS Let’s play the a good ol’ game of get the MP3 to the top of the Hypemachine charts and give a little <3 to “Crystal Ball”

Emil & Friends : Crystal Ball

via My Old Kentucky Blog

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patten : Fire dream

I don’t know much about
just that @electrodrone sent me over some of his stuff and that I like its warm vibes. Somewhere between Lone, Gold Panda with a touch of Tangerine Dream is where patten’s music exists with his hazy and warm production style. “Fire dream” is swarming with fuzzed out synths that engulf you while a hypnotic bassline is propelled by dirty articulate hi-hats in a 2-step drum pattern. patten’s full length album, “GLAQJO XAACSSO” is out now on No Pain In Pop.

Fire dream by NO PAIN IN POP

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Justice “Audio, Video, Disco” Medley

This is new Justice album is quite promising. All I keep hearing is Queen “Flash Gordon”, later ELO mixed with Dire Straits produced by Yellow Magic Orchestra which is something I totally am fine with. I am glad that someone like Justice are being the ambassadors of this classic sound. Now I am off to listen to Dire Straits “Sultans of Swing”.

Download: Justice “Audio, Video, Disco” Medley

JUSTICE “Audio, Video, Disco.” medley by edbangerrecords

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