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Mickey Moonlight : Close to Everything EP + DJ Set (Live in Lemuria)

Mickey Moonlight has always been the odd man out in the Ed Banger roster – in the best way possible. He adds a certain touch to the Ed Banger team with his Art-Disco-Haus Music. Mickey’s latest release the “Close To Everything” EP ventures into classic house territory with the title single. The B-Side, “The Son” delves into a tropicalista-disco full of syncopated percussion instruments.

Give this 50 min DJ set by Mr. Moonlight a listen and you will find out how much he loves Rustie – I count 3 tracks dropped from the amazing “Glass Swords” album. Also he mixes Justin Martin & Ardalan “Lezgo” into a classic Aphex Twin track circa his Analord days, “Where’s Your Girlfriend?” proving how much of a electronic music nerd he really is.

Mickey Moonlight – This Son by edbangerrecords

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