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David Lynch : “Good Day Today” & “I Know”

“Well, I’ve been blessed with good hair, or at least some people think it is. It is the way it is, sort of does what it wants to. So, yeah, I guess it is a metaphor for your views on art and life.” – David Lynch

Every morning I wake up hoping to have amazing hair like David Lynch and to be just as cool as he is. Now he has even shown us all how much cooler he is by stepping into the Electro-pop realm by releasing this very Brian Eno/Aphex Twin sounding Electro-Mantra-Pop song entitled “Good Day Today”. Who would’ve thought David Lynch and a Vocoder would be so cool.

“I Know” is a track that suits David Lynch’s usual bizarre/absurd/frightening imagery. It is a trudging dark Blues that reminds me of a robot version of Tom Waits – very similar to his track from the “Inland Empire” soundtrack, “Ghost Of Love”

Good Day Today by threeminutesthirtyseconds

David Lynch – I Know [Original] by Sunday Best

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Joy Orbison : BB

Joy Orbison steps out of his usual introspective production style into a more Detroit House realm. “BB” is a dancefloor ready track with a serious slinky bassline alongside his usual 2-step/Garage drum pattern. A refreshing new direction for Mr. Orbison.

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Hey Champ : Winner’s Circle Vol. 2

The Hey Champ boys return with a 40 min Disco Pop mixtape that full of some smooth tracks. Check out their new hometown anthem of a track entitled “Silver City”.

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Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie xx : NY Is Killing Me

We’re New Here is an unlikely collaboration between Jamie xx and the legendary Gil Scott-Heron, a remix album that will be out on Young Turks in February of 2011. An album that takes Gil Scott-Heron’s dark and introspective reflections on the world and his life to a whole new level.

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Penguin Prison: Golden Train (Acoustic)

Penguin Prison’s latest single “Golden Train” is out in Europe now but shall be released here in the US via Neon Gold Records on vinyl featuring a remix by the one and only Pink Stallone. “Golden Train” is an over the top Pop tune that fills you with gusto as you strut around to its hooks and Mr. Glover’s flasetto. I always think the true test of a song’s Pop sensibility is how it can stand on its own when it is just performed by a Man and his Guitar. Penguin Prison proves that in reality “Golden Train” is nothing more than a cowboy’s lonely anthem that has been masquerading as an electro-pop ballad. Now let us all hop onto Chris Glover’s Golden Train and ride into the sun.

Download the acoustic version of Golden Train by “Like”-ing Penguin Prison on Facebook

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Azari & III : Into The Night

SCION A/V presents a feel good disco pop dance song via the Azari & III gang. A very uplifting tune compared to the rest of Azari & III’s repertoire. No more bangers – it’s time to get emotional on the dancefloor y’all…

Download: Azari & III : Into The Night + Remixes

Azari & III – Into The Night

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Robyn x A-Trak

Mr. A-Trak takes on the pop-stress, Robyn’s latest track “Indestructible” turning into quite a disco tune. I am noticing a lot of Italo disco house flavor on this track with some serious string action. Definitely a favorite of mine out of A-Trak’s production work these past few months.

Indestructible (A-Trak radio edit) by robyn

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Feadz : Tuff EP Teaser

Looking forward to this release from the Ed-Bang Clan.

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Rudi Zygadlo : Medium is Message Mix (Electronic Exploration)

Glasgow’s own Rudi Zygadlo has been producing some space-free-jazz-fusion-bass music in the vain of Jackson & His Computer Band and Flying Lotus meets some of the finest elements of bass music from the UK. Check out this pastiche-puzzle of a mix where he sews together some classic and unlikely tunes into an Electronic Exploration. Checkout the tracklist over at Rudi’s Soundcloud.

Download: Rudi Zygadlo : Medium is Message Mix (Electronic Exploration)

Electronic Exploration mix by RUDI ZYGADLO

Turn You Inside Out (Rudi Zygadlo Revisit) – JIMMY EDGAR by RUDI ZYGADLO

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Music Video : Emil & Friends – Short Order Cooks

Emil & Friends is a serious guac-rock motherfucker. Watch and see.

A few words from Mr. Emil about the music video over at

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