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The Six Degrees of Hall & Oates: Music in 2007

I realized this year that Hall & Oates are two of the most important songwriters in the past 25 years. Their musical influence has transcended genres and generations. This is a Hall & Oates Musical Tree I made that represents how they are connected to some of the big names in music of 2007.

Happy New Year!!! Be safe and be easy. 2008 will be the return of Hall & Oates!!

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Neon Coyote

Kylie Minogue – 2 Hearts (Neon Coyote Remix)

Neon Coyote – I Just Wanna D.A.N.C.E
Britney and Justice always work well.

Peep it tonight in the BK.

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DJ Tiesto is a musical genius.

JFK posted this on the MSTRKRFT message board. Too funny.

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Miles Davis x Michael Jackson

Miles Davis – Human Nature

Miles Davis was a rockstar.

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Alan Braxe wants to be Timbaland.

This sounds like a badass version of Timbaland’s “The Way I Are”. This is off the new Kitsune 5 Compilation.
Alan Braxe – Addicted *Download NOW!*

Alan Braxe x Fred Falke

Alan Braxe x Midnight Juggernauts

Crookers Kiss FM Mix

Manu Chao “Politik kills” (Crookers beat)
*Cazals “Life is Boring” (Crookers Zuppa del Cazals mix) (Soon on Kitsunè)*
Dizzie Rascal “Old School” (Dj Beware mix)
Mika “Lollipop” (Boy 8-bit Running man rmx)
Crookers “Knobber” (Feb 2008 Southern Fried)
Mark Ronson feat Amy Winehouse “Valerie” (Count of Monte Cristal and Sinden remix) (Sony Bmg)
Rodion “Electric Soca” (Crookers mix) (Gomma rec)
Crookers “Big Money Comin’” (Feb 2008 Southern Fried)
Bloody Beetroots “We’re from Venice” (Secretool 😉 + Salmon dance AKA
Richard Cheese “Milkshake”
JUS†ICE x The Bloody Beetroots

Checkout this wild mix in a bathroom by 1/2 of The Bloody Beetroots & 1/2 Crookers. I love what they do with the Van Halen intro. Download @ Kidz By Colette

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Wonky House?

“Its beats are generally 4 to the floor, but the noises attached often have a quirky, and possibly comedic elements, (animal noises, kazoos, bells, whistles etc), whilst retaining the funkier and deeper grooves of house music.”

Wonky House

Remember Donald Duck getting a BJ? Silly Bloody Beetroots.
Goose – Black Gloves (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)

Goose – Everybody (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)

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Keytars & Synth Pad Drums are cool.

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The Mars Volta Cover Siouxsie & the Banshees, Pink Floyd & The Sugarcubes?!

The Mars Volta – Pulled to Bits (Siouxsie & the Banshees)

At The Drive-In – Take Thy Stetphoscope and Walk (Pink Floyd Cover)

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Christine (Siouxsie & the Banshees) – Live @ V2001

Bonus tracks and b-sides of The Bedlam and Goliath out 1.29.2008:

“Back Up Against the Wall” (Circle Jerks cover, available on The Mars Volta’s official website as a digital download) – 1:34

“Birthday” (The Sugarcubes cover, available on the Japan edition bonus DVD)[12]

“Candy & a Currant Bun” (Pink Floyd cover, available on the UK, AUS and NZ versions of the album)[13]

“Pulled to Bits” (Siouxsie & the Banshees cover, available on the “Wax Simulacra” single) – 3:27

“Things Behind the Sun” (Nick Drake cover, available on the Japan edition bonus DVD)[12]

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Post-Xmas Tunes

Don Rimini – Let Me Back Up (Crookers Remix)
This tune is some dirty crunktastic techno. Crookers are an Italian duo and roll deep with The Bloody Beetroots. When the main part of this song drops watchout.
Crookers Myspace

Here is a really poor quality clip of the much talked about MSTRKRT track, VUVUVU. The first 2 mins is the track then they spin the Crookers Don Rimini Remix.

Another track by the Cazals, I love the Ronnettes “Be My Baby” drums in the beginning. I can’t wait for their album.
Cazals – My Ex-Valentine (demo)

Checkout these tracks from an up and coming producer from Brooklyn, Alden D. I’m digging his old school techno sound, reminds me of Beltram or Jeff Mills.
Alden D – Massive
Alden D – Let It Be
Alden D Mypace

Current TV x Radiohead
Radiohead New Years Eve Webcast – In Rainbows in its Entirety

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Christmas Time is Here


The best Christmas song of all time:
Vince Guaraldi Trio – Christmas Time is Here

Radiohead in a festive mood during a 2002 webcast.
Radiohead – Winter Wonderland

The Ronnettes – Sleigh Ride

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

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