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Asian Dan Presents Shuttle “The Orion”

Artwork by EIKNARF

THE ORION is now upon us. Shuttle has crafted the most epic mix to ever grace this blog. One Hour and Forty-Five Minutes of deep bass, UK 2-Step Garage, Dubstep goodness. If you listen to this all at once I applaud you. Checkout a little Q&A with Mr. Shuttle as he divulges his love of UK electronic music and why it took so long to get me this mix, 10 Months – but I must say it was well worth the wait.

Download: Asian Dan Presents Shuttle “The Orion Mixtape”

Asian Dan Q&A:

1. Who is Shuttle? How would you describe your music?

Legally, I am Nathan Donmoyer from Leonardtown, Maryland, but I go by Shuttle because I try to make music that transports the listener through different places in a believable yet refreshing path.

2. What are biggest influences, musical or otherwise?

The rhythm section, drums and bass, bass and drums. The rhythm section is the most powerful ingredient, you can have the same chicken, noodles and vegetables raw to start, but with rhythm and bass you can make 1,000 thai, indian, italian, mexican, or japanese dishes. All delicious. That and all UK bass music. I love it all. Slow, fast, swung, straight, instrumental, mc’s, diva’s. I wonder if I was born in london if I would appreciate it as much…

3. This mix is anything but an Asian Dan MINImix, it is the most epic/longest mix ever to grace this blog – 34 tracks clocking in at 1 hour and 45 mins. What took so long and what was some of your inspiration for it?

Ok, to contradict my Anglophilia from above, I have to say, I DO NOT UNDERSTAND mini-mixes. It’s this BBC British phenomenon I can’t understand. Plus, I told you would do this mix in April 2009 so when I finally got around to doing it this week I thought I owed you at least 90 minutes right? Mp3 = freedom from 74 minute compact discs, why not embrace the long form?
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DJ Mehdi & Riton: Carte Blanche “In The Mix”

DJ Mehdi & Riton, Carte Blanche in Europe is to House as is A-Trak & Armand Van Helden, Duck Sauce in NYC is to Disco House. That is what I am seeing as DJs/Producers are on a quest to touch back with their roots in order to find a new sound or even the reason why they do what they do. I’ve always been a fan of Riton’s work and the fact that he is so versatile with from his space Krautrock projects, Die Verboten and Eine Kleine Nacht Musik to his straightforward club banging tracks. And of course DJ Mehdi is the last remaining DJ on the Ed Banger squad that really interests me at the moment. Let’s see what this duo will do to reinvigorate the masses interests in classic house a la Duck Sauce.

Also this live iteration of Carte Blanche sounds interesting especially with the introduction of a 909 and the “No Bangers” rule.

“DJ MEHDI and RITON will tour as CARTE BLANCHE in May and June 2010, visiting all major cities in Europe and North-America. Four decks, one mixer, and a TR 909, of course. No bangers, strictly house music. Their first EP is set to drop on ED BANGER in May 2010 as well.”

Download: DJ Mehdi & Riton: Carte Blanche – In The Mix

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Le Le x Mercury

The Swiss Mercury take on the Dutch Le Le once again for a fantastic remix. Anything the two of the them do is amazing. Bitch you breakfast.
LeLe – Discomonster (Mercury Remix) by Mercury (Switzerland)

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Groove Armada x Classixx

Sorry if this is a little late in blogosphere years and may make me seem irrelevant and out of touch with the music blogosphere but I saw that this was posted a week ago via the Hypemachine but it has only graced my ears now. Classixx is totally embracing their Yazoo/Vince Clarke/late-New Order side with this remix. It is so good to hear them showing off all their musical faces. The twinkling synth and the pulsating synth basslines are spot on 80s but not in a novelty way.

Groove Armada – Paper Romance (Classixx Remix)

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AM isn’t you typical Asian Dan type of post, an indie rocker songwriter from LA but sometimes I like to indulge in something other than the bangers or something synthetically produced. The strum of a guitar and a persons voice coming together to create a straightforward well crafted pop song is something I aspire towards as a musician and something I respect deeply. h. AM reminds me of Jason Schwartzman’s Coconut Records with a touch of Wilco and Jon Brion. AM pulls from every convention that is familiar to rock and roll and packages them into something that is his own. AM was invited by the French duo AIR to open for them on their upcoming US tour beginning this March.

AM – Self-Preservation

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Danimals – Fox (Produced by Mark Ronson)

Danimals are a lucky Australian band that were winners handpicked by Mark Ronson himself for The Lab an initiative set up by Australia’s own Tooheys Extra Dry. With the help of Mark Ronson taking the production reigns, Danimals were able to craft and capture a 60s pop psychedelic sound that evokes The Kinks, The Beach Boys, and the Zombies to name a few. This tune is a project that tapped into all the star studded resources they could. Just take a look at the credits. Sean Lennon even stopped by to lend his ear to the project. What an exciting opportunity for this band – goes to show you what having a team behind you with resources can yield.

Danimals – Fox

Via our fellow blogger in Oceania

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George FitzGerald – Don’t You

George FitzGerald is Peter O’Grady aka Joy Orbison’s protege – a London based producer on the similar tip as Joy Orbs. Introspective subtle hypnotic 2-step grooves but with a touch more house. Let’s see what kind of army Joy Orbison is building under Doldrums in Twenty-Ten.

Checkout this exclusive George FitzGerald Take Flight Club Mix to get a taste of what his DJ sets are like.

George FitzGerald – Don’t You (96 kbps)

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Music Video: Late of the Pier – Best in the Class

Currently the best track of 2010 for me. We are only 2 months into Twenty Ten and there has been so much good music already. Also a possible Soulwax remix of this track?! Awesome.

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Chilly Gonzales presents Pianist Envy

“Entertainment isn’t killing music, its music that is killing entertainment.”Chilly Gonzales

In honour of all things Canadia and anything that is the colours red & white Chilly Gonzales, bestows his piano magic upon us. He reaches into the club banger hip-hop canon from great composers such as 50 Cent, Busta Rhymes, and Lil’Wayne and reverse-remixes/revision/re-contextualize/deconstruct and strip them down to their melodic, harmonic and rhythmic core through the use of the piano thus “Pianist Envy” is born. So let’s hope that every Canadian Olympic athlete gets hold of this mixtape for some inspiration to finally reach for the gold. But till then let’s watch as UHMERICA rubs it in all them Canuck’s faces.

Also if Gonzales is ever performing in a town near you – GO. It is a life changing experience, tomorrow night will be my third time seeing him and I cannot wait.

Download Pianist Envy @

1. Tipsy
2. Many Men
3. Touch It
4. Vocal Chords (Claude Von Stroke)
5. A Milli
6. Grindin’
7. Rollin’ and Scratchin’
8. Single Ladies

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Kingdom x CFCF

Montreal’s CFCF takes on Kingdom’s “Mindreader” turning it into slick RnB tune with some shimmering synth and 2 step drums. The Todd Edwards remix is still my favorite and that B-side “You” is massive. <3 Kingdom Pick up this limited 500 pressing 10" of "Mindreader" @

Kingdom – Mindreader (Ft Shyvonne) (CFCF Remix)

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