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Asian Dan Presents Collarbones “Brown Sugar” Mix + Q&A

Photo by Lucien Alperstein

The Aussie duo, Collarbones have been making some moves on the web these past weeks, making their rounds in the blogosphere and getting mentioned on Pitchfork’s Forkcast. Travis and Marcus were kind enough to put together an 11 min mix, a deconstructed pastiche of some of their favorite songs at the moment. Imagine combing through the AM/FM frequency that comprises of the formula that equates to the duo’s sonic experiment. Check out a Q&A introduction into the musical masterminds behind, Collarbones.

Download Collarbones “Beaman Park” EP over at

Download: Asian Dan Presents Collarbones “Brown Sugar” Mix

Asian Dan Q&A: Collarbones

1. Who is Collarbones? How would you describe your music?
Collarbones is a front for drug dealing and prostitution. We have fabricated a backstory about being an Australian electronic music duo in order to cover up our cocaine affiliations. Gotta move those bricks. We’re a “trans-state” collaboration because we have to hustle drugs back and forth. Travis Cook’s real name is Reginald Perineum and Marcus Whale’s real name is Hugh Manatee. You have to keep people guessing when you’re a fugitive, you know how it is. We would describe our music as browave with eurodance influences. We are what “sincerity” feels like.

2. What was your first musical memory?
Travis: I remember dancing to Lithium by Nirvana in my bib. I barely learnt how to walk. There’s a video of it somewhere.

Marcus: I don’t know. My latest musical memory is watching Simo Soo and a room of 20 people flailing and screaming to really overdriven beats.

3. What are your influences, musical or otherwise?
Werner Herzog, Soul Glo, sidechain compression, Cole Mohr, eggplant, the way Jaden Smith dances, Andre Leon Talley, Bobb Trimble, Ciara.
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Asian Dan Exclusive VILLA Mix + Interview

The Belgian Trio Villa has hooked Asian Dan up with an hour long mix as well as answering some questions. Both shed some light on their disco/italo sound. I still can’t stop listening to their remix of Music Go Music.

Villa – Asian Dan Exclusive VILLA Mix

Asian Dan Interview: VILLA

1. Who is Villa?

Villa is what you get if you lock two crazy djs with an even bigger studio freak in a studio packed with synths. A trio comprising of DJ duo Fredo & Thang & composer/producer Seba. Hailing from Ghent/Belgium they have been very active as DJ’s & producers over the last 10 years.

2. How would you describe your music?

While wanting to make people dance, we like to think we try to ensure that the listener gets his portion of contentfull music (whatever that is…). We stribe towards a more universal sound with a distinct personality that inspires people of all ages and genres…From haunting basslines and hypnotic leads to sugarsweet string arrangements and pop chord progressions…Inside VillA anything is possible…as long as it works for all of us… Setup wise the VillA sound is a blend of Vintage rare synths/processors and flee-market treasury..

3. What is your first musical memory?

Abba…Every morning on the road to school in the neighbours yellow MG…Queen…killed that best of tape…Eurythmics…Still in love with Annie Lennox…

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Nighty Max – Beach Hut

You know the drill. Nighty Max = awesome. Download, play, dance, repeat.

I love the sample and when it kicks in Nighty mixes it up and throws you off just a bit but in a totally good way.

Nighty Max – Beach Hut

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Metronomy x Joakim

I’m only a fan of Metronomy remixes, like the Breakbot and the Diskjokke remixes. Joakim revises Metronomy’s new track “Not Made for Love” – he is quite bold by starting the track off upbeat and slowing it down – I feel like that is a ballsy and blasphemous thing to do with a dance track, but he pulls it off. I’m a big fan of what Joakim has been doing lately – looking forward to more stuff.

Metronomy – Not Made for Live (Joakim Remix)

Cheers, 20 Jazz Funk Greats

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Asian Dan Exclusive Van She Tech Minimix + Interview

I found out through twitter that, Van She, one of my favorite Modular Records bands follows the b-log 🙂 Van She Tech was kind enough to put together an exclusive 26 min minimix for Asian Dan that showcases their ability to move hearts, minds, and feet. Nick also answered a few questions about Van She’s musical history, revealing that Hall & Oates’ “Private Eyes” is one of their favorite dance tracks. Anyone who says that understands music the true meaning of music in my mind.

Download: Asian Dan Exclusive Van She Tech Minimix

Asian Dan Interview: Van She

1. Who is Van She?

Van She is Nicky, Michael, Tomek and Matthew
Van She Tech is Nicky and Michael

2. How would you describe your music?

Krautrock/Pop i guess

3. What are your biggest influences? What was your first musical memory?

Well Mikey is Italian and his father was into Italo Disco and all the classics, Matt loves krauterock and Punk Funk like Liquid Liquid and Konk and Tomek and I grew up listening to MJ, Icehouse, INXS and all the seventies stuff … So we are all pretty different in backgrounds … I remember my first cassette tape was Icehouse electric blue and bananarama and MJ Bad … It was a 3 for the price of 1 deal

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Asian Dan Exclusive Leonardus Minimix

Leonardus crafted this exclusive minimix for Asian Dan, it is quite an old school sounding mix showcasing that this Dutch DJ/Producer understands the elements of the old French Touch movement. Cheers, Leonardus for this mix!

Leonardus Exclusive Asian Dan Minimix

Asian Dan Exclusive Leonardus Minimix Tracklist:

1. Bob Sinclar – The Ghetto
2. Raw Man – Lovers
3. Modjo – Chillin (Buffalo Bunch Remix)
4. Gile – Discolor
5. For The Floorz – Body Angels
6. Madonna – Into The Groove (Sidechains Remix)
7. Sedat The Turkish Avenger – Never Let It Go

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Asian Dan presents BADBADBAD’s Barbarian Minimix

Asian Dan presents BADBADBAD’s Barbarian Minimix, quite a heavy mix from the 20 year producer from Pescara, Italy. You may know BADBADBAD from Splatter, a collaboration with NT89.

Asian Dan presents BADBADBAD’s Barbarian Minimix – An Asian Dan Exclusive

Asian Dan presents BADBADBAD’s Barbarian Minimix Tracklist:
Intro (badbadbad – you suck!)
Steve Aoki – 1967
Brian Sanhaji – Autumnal Equinox
Fare Soldi – Pagagheddon (Kill Phil rmx prod. by NT89)
Huoratron – $$ Troopers
badbadbad – Muscle
Zingone and Nina – Kick it (Stereoheroes remix)
A-Tek ft Van Scott – Nightlovers (Chewy Chocolate Cookies & JFK Remix)
Ludacris – One More Drink (Loud Party Remix)
badbadbad – Conan The Barbarian (demo!)

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Phoenix – 1901

Huge. Dense. POP goodness. I expect nothing less from them. Zdar makes the drums sound huge. I love it and cannot wait for this album.
Phoenix – 1901

The Great Phoenix Mystery:
In the mp3 track info comments section:

“Looking forward the Colosseum” password = concorde

Any ideas?! Clues?!

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Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix – Arrives Worldwide 5.25.2009

Woflgang Amdeus Phoenix arrives worldwide 5.25.2009. Let this fantastic cover of Air’s “Playground Love” hold you off till then.

Phoenix – Playground Love (Air Cover)

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Asian Dan Exclusive Meroz Minimix For a Short Drive + Interview

Asian Dan Exclusive Meroz Minimix For a Short Drive

Asian Dan Exclusive Meroz Minimix For a Short Drive Tracklist:
1. Matt & Kim – Good Ol’ Fashion Nightmare
2. Alan Braxe Vs. Dj Assault (Mash Your Face On The Speaker) (Meroz)
3. Meroz – Your Mood
4. Galactik Knights – So Much Love
5. Thunderheist – Jerk it (Nacho Lovers Remix)
6. Laberge – We Don’t Know
7. Grand National – New Space To Throw

Meroz Myspace

Asian Dan Interview: Meroz

1. Who is Meroz?
Musician, Producer, then DJ
I’m not worried about having the “coolest font” or the most “Retro Look” Its more about putting out quality music, be it using a sample or straight raw production.
I’m not letting peoples opinions on what is the new thing persuade me in the style of music
I produce. I make what I am feeling at the moment or what is presented to me.

2. What are your biggest influences? What was your first musical memory?
My Family and Friends, Positive people as well. Good Books, Movies and Art of all kinds.
My First Musical memory would be strapping on a pair of headphones at a very young age trying to sing along to the radio at early hours of the morning. After being put to bed. After Finding out I was terrible at singing I decided to play percussion Instruments.

3. Who are your favorite producers/DJs?
Todd Edwards, Paul Johnson, Daft Punk, Sebastien Leger,Teenage Bad Girl, Neil Landstrumm, Fred Falke, Alan Braxe, Hystereo, Cassius, Air, Phoenix,Frankie Knuckles, Cajmere, Sneak , Rush , Skip, the list is waaaaay to long.
Basically anyone from the early to mid 90’s and the first french touch wave House or Techno.

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