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Asian Dan Exclusive VILLA Mix + Interview

The Belgian Trio Villa has hooked Asian Dan up with an hour long mix as well as answering some questions. Both shed some light on their disco/italo sound. I still can’t stop listening to their remix of Music Go Music.

Villa – Asian Dan Exclusive VILLA Mix

Asian Dan Interview: VILLA

1. Who is Villa?

Villa is what you get if you lock two crazy djs with an even bigger studio freak in a studio packed with synths. A trio comprising of DJ duo Fredo & Thang & composer/producer Seba. Hailing from Ghent/Belgium they have been very active as DJ’s & producers over the last 10 years.

2. How would you describe your music?

While wanting to make people dance, we like to think we try to ensure that the listener gets his portion of contentfull music (whatever that is…). We stribe towards a more universal sound with a distinct personality that inspires people of all ages and genres…From haunting basslines and hypnotic leads to sugarsweet string arrangements and pop chord progressions…Inside VillA anything is possible…as long as it works for all of us… Setup wise the VillA sound is a blend of Vintage rare synths/processors and flee-market treasury..

3. What is your first musical memory?

Abba…Every morning on the road to school in the neighbours yellow MG…Queen…killed that best of tape…Eurythmics…Still in love with Annie Lennox…

4. What are your inspirations musical or otherwise? What is Villa’s musical goal?

We get triggered by a lot of different impulses…There is no system in how we get inspired, but a truck load of smelly vinyls, pretty women, fast cars and too much cables allways work…Sexytime! As far as our goal is concerned, i guess it’s just making music that satisfy’s us and being able to share it with other people..

5. What are your top 5 dance tracks you love to dance to?

To name just 5 tracks that belong to our favourites is like asking us to tell you who our favorite child would be, should we have children. But to give you and idea, here are a few random tracks.

Sister Sledge – lost in music
Chaplin Band – il velero
Phoenix – if i ever feel better
Automat – the rise, the advance, the genus
Prince – Controversy

6. Who are your top 5 favorite producers?

Morgan Geist
Enio Morricone
Giorgio Moroder
David Dewaele

7. Future plans for Villa?

Keep doing what were doing now : )

Asian Dan Exclusive VILLA Mix Tracklist:
1. Hatchback: White Diamond
2. Subway: Low Life
3. Alan Parson’s Project: Mammagamma
4. Get A Room!: Under The Vice (edit)
5. Lindström & Christabelle: Let’s Practise
6. Visitors: V-I-S-I-T-O-R-S
7. Liaisons Dangereuses: Los Ninos Del Parque
8. Hercules and Love Affair: Classique n° 2
9. Herman’s Rocket: Hanged In The Universe
10. Hot Chocolat: Cadillac (The Revenge Rework)
11. Prince: Hot Thing
12. David Bowie: Fashion
13. Ali Love: Smoke & Mirrors (Villa RMX)
14. Julia: Breakin’ Down (Sugar Samba)
15. Willie Colon: Set Fire To Me (404 Reboot)
16. Heiko Laux: Souldancer

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