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Music Video : Nina Kraviz “Ghetto Kraviz”


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Justice : Annie Mac Minimix – 2.24.2012

Justice unveils their musical roots and influences that molded the sound of their album “Audio, Video, Disco” with this new minimix for Annie Mac’s show on Radio 1. This time they dive into some of the most iconic rock riffs of the past 40 years. These 5 mins sound like the product of major crate digging session of classic between Justice, Breakbot and Soulwax. The rock and or roller in me loses it over DFA1979 “Romantic Rights” into My Bloody Valentine “Only Shallow” into King Crimson “21st Century Schizoid Man” section of this tastefully crafted minimix.

Download: Justice : Annie Mac Minimix – 2.24.2012

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Prefuse 73 : A.M.N.H P73 Set // Ms.Red Whine Mixxx

For those of you who missed Prefuse 73’s set at the American Museum of Natural History last Friday, fear not for the Mr. Prefuse and the gents over at COLT+RANE have got you covered. Here in it’s entirety is Prefuse 73’s A.M.N.H P73 Set aka Ms.Red Whine Mixxx – enjoy. Blog it off.

Download: Prefuse 73 : A.M.N.H P73 Set // Ms.Red Whine Mixxx

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Squarepusher announces new album “Ufabulum”

“I’ve started thinking about pure electronic music again. Something very melodic, very aggressive” – Squarepusher

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Music Video : Hot City x LOL Boys “Hot City”

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Asian Dan Q&A : DVNO + Moonlighting Mixtape

This man needs no introduction for he is the man behind the musical likings of Scenario Rock and the voice that echoed “D-V-N-O, four capital letters…”, Mehdi Pinson returns under his alias “DVNO” with some new music that can be found in his new mixtape entitled “Moonlighting”. Download it below and check out the Asian Dan Q&A with DVNO.

Download: DVNO : Moonlighting Mixtape

Asian Dan Q&A : DVNO

Who is DVNO?

Well I guess it’s me. The conceptor and voice behind the eponymous song by Jus†ice. It’s becoming such a brand and trademark with clubs, promoters, djs, blogs, magazines and eventually the urban dictionary referring to the term as common expression to describe crappy discotheques. It really cracks me up. Last time Busy P told me a dude was complaining on twitter pretending he was the real DVNO. I own the copyright man !

How would your describe your music?

A sort of Drive by Crooning. A mixture of elegance and debauchery like Ferris Bueller playing “the Blue Danube” on his keyboard using sampled coughs and sick sounds then eventually singing in the parade.

What was your first musical memory?

Dancing to the JB’s and Otis Redding with my father singing along. He used to sit on the carpet with headphones on, playing moroccan tam tam, mimicking his favorite artists.
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LuckyMe Present: Hudson Mohawke’s Valentines Slowjams Chapter V

Hudmo returns for all you lovebirds with some serious slowjams for this very special day. Awww yeaaa.

Download: LuckyMe Present: Hudson Mohawke’s Valentines Slowjams Chapter V

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Music Video : The Stepkids “Shadows On Behalf”


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Music Video : Kindness “Gee Up”

“We’re thinking more funking with the drums, less jacking with the bass.”

Kindness has made a few appearances on the blog these past few months and is definitely number one on my albums to look forward to in 2012. The LP will be out March 19 which includes “Gee Up”, the first impression we got of Kindness back in 2009 in an even more lo-fi demo version. This updated video for “Gee Up” delves into a super pomo/meta world that give a super lolzy look into the music industry – I love everything about it.

Kindness – Gee Up (Demo)

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Music Video : Scuba “The Hope”

Massive tune.

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