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LOL Boys x Todd Edwards

I’m just gonna say it, this is the remix of the year. Todd Edwards proves once again why he is “Todd the God” with this remix of the (RIP) LOL Boys’ “Changes”. Words do little to convey the #feels that this track brings to me. So just let the music hit you and allow Todd Edwards to be an instigator of instant emotions.

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CFCF gets super meta on their remix of LOL Boys’ “Changes” as they sample Bruce Hornsby’s famous piano part that Tupac sampled on “Changes” – so this remix is a remix of a sample of a remix. #SOMETA

This remix EP is a massive collection of tracks and will be out October 16th via Friends of Friends. I am not gonna lie, the Todd Edwards remix is one of the best tracks I have heard this year, so everyone get excited and pre-order it now.

LOL Boys ‘Changes Remixes’ EP including remixes from Star Slinger, CFCF, Todd Edwards, Groundislava and GRANT.

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Music Video : LOL Boys “Changes (Ft. Heart Streets)”

LOL Boys are feeling so viral and take their jazzed out RnB track “Changes” to a whole new level with this music video full of their coll ppl friendsz.

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LOL Boys : Changes feat Heart Streets

The LOL Boys team up with Friends of Friends to release their latest EP, Changes which is out week on the 17th. Give the title track a listen which channels some 90s RnB vibes with moody swinged out jazz feel. Also take note of the midi trumpet solo that graces the entire tune. Listen to “Get Close To Me feat. Angelina Lucero” which delves into dancefloor deeper vibes.

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LOL Boys & Grown Folk : Ghostpath

The LOL Boys team up with Grown Folk to turn things into a really Montreal fam jam. “Ghostpath” channels some deep house vibes mixed with some hypnotic bass grooves which are all sewn up with a swirling 8bit synth line. This is definitely a tune for those long summer nights. Be sure to give the new LOL Boys’ RnB tinged single “Get Close To Me” feat. Angelina Lucero’s smooth vocals.

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Music Video : Hot City x LOL Boys “Hot City”

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Sinjin Hawke Bootlegs 2011

I first heard of Sinjin Hawke when I heard the remix that him and the LOL Boys did of 702’s “Steelo” a tune that I play out quite a lot, a funky 2-step remix that always gets a good response. The Montreal native Sinjin Hawke has put together a full free download of all his RnB/Hip-Hip Bootlegs. It is a very impressive collection of re-visionings of some of the big hits of 2011 as well as some classic RnB cuts. Head over to Truants Blog for an interview with Sinjin Hawke.

Download: Sinjin Hawke Bootlegs 2011

702 – Steelo (Sinkin Hawke & LOL Boys Bootleg)

DJ Khaled – I’m On One (Sinjin Hawke Remix)

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LOL Boys “Bubbles”

LOL bass, LOL dance, LOL tropical, LOL step, LOL in da club…..LOL Boys. Only can this duo of LOL bring such a blurred vision of what “dance music” is into the world. It is everything and nothing at the same time but it will surely make you move to da groove. Also: “This release is also inspired by Jerome’s pet named Bubbles who is 17years old and is blind :’( ”

Download the 9 track “Bubbles” for free via Coco Bass

Download: LOL Boys “Bubbles”

Also check out the LOL Boys’ April Fools Day Mini Mix that the dudes put together for the blog a few months ago.

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Asian Dan presents LOL Boys’ April Fool’s Day Mini Mix + iChat Q&A

What more of an appropriate day for a Mini mix from the LOL Boys. The LOL Boys officially have one of the greatest names for a duo out today. Jerome P. & Markus G. are the LOL Boys – 1 part LA and 1 part Montreal, a potent mix of cities and characters that contribute to their version of Bass music. LOL Boys “123” was a track I discovered a few months ago that really caught my attention with its Pan Flute hook. Jerome and I spoke via iChat about his love of Memes, .gifs, and all things Internet.

BTW if you want to stalk Jerome and want to know what he looks like he is actually the Car Wash Kid that makes a cameo in SebastiAn’s “Embody” music video.

Download: Asian Dan presents LOL Boys’ April Fool’s Day Mini Mix

Download: LOL Boys & Teki Latex – Modern off the”Truancy Compilation One”

iChat Chat With Jerome P. of LOL Boys:

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