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Breakbot : Lazy Sunday Selecta

Breakbot drops yet another massive musical lesson on us. A 33 min mix that is more than just a boogie history lesson but also a certified feel good #summervibes #yachtrockvibes #poolvibes mix. There is nothing more to say than sit back and enjoy this fantastic collection of tracks.

PS If you all haven’t noticed, I automatically love any mix that includes Carly Simon’s “Why”.

Download: Breakbot : Lazy Sunday Selecta

Breakbot – Lazy Sunday Selecta by edbangerrecords

I am so impressed by this tracklist. Fela Kuti, J Dilla and Carly Simon “Why” <3

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The Creators Project : Squarepusher

The enigma that is Squarepusher gives us a peak into why he does what he does with the tools that he has at his fingertips. It is a pretty absurd and amazing look into the mind of a mad genius.

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Rogue Vogue : Breezy

Rogue Vogue is a mysterious Chicago producer who is paying homage to all things good about Chicago House and the importance of the genre to the dance world but of course with a modern tinge. Now this sample that is the backbone of the tune comes from totally out of the blue and is just the perfect summer touch to this track. I will leave it a surprise for you all but it is one of my favorite Yacht Rock jams. May the Yacht Rock Gods and Frankie Knuckles bless Rogue Vogue…

Download: Rogue Vogue – Breezy

Breezy by RogueVogue

Watch the a vid of a great performance of this Summery Yacht Rock jam.

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Lana Del Rey : Video Games

I don’t know why but I love everything about this. Maybe it is because is she is a babe or maybe because this is tasteful, heartfelt and honest music. There are notes of Angelo Badalamenti circa Twin Peaks, especially when she sings “they say you like the bag girls” evoking images of Laura Palmer. I also hear Jeff Alexander’s “Come Wander With Me” in her music.

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Gold Panda : MPB

Gold Panda is giving away a fuzzed and chopped, hypnotic tune that is driven by some very Gamelan inspired percussion called “MPB” – a very “Gold Panda sounding” tune. #SUMMERVIBES

Gold Panda – MPB

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Radiohead – Staircase (live From the Basement)

Radiohead debuts a new track “Staircase” from their upcoming live From the Basement session. It is quite an afro-beat inspired tune with the unison guitar and bass part over a hypnotic syncopated groove. Sounds quite fat and good – wish “The King of Limbs” was more like this.

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Music Video: Breakbot “Fantasy” feat. Ruckazoid

Le French Babe.


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Bibio : Télérama-Radio Mix

Mr. Bibio has been one of the most intriguing artists of the past few years with his talent for blurring genres while still producing something honest and fresh. Bibio crafted this exclusive 55 min mix for Télérama-Radio as a peak into some of the musical puzzle pieces that equal “Bibio”. There is a lot of his Warp Records peers (Clark, Aphex Twin, Squarepusher) on the mix alongside some Nick Drake, The Incredible String Band and nice surprise appearance by Led Zeppelin’s “No Quarter”.

Download: Bibio : Télérama-Radio Mix


Tracklist below…
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Breakbot x Jacques Renault

This is some serious boogie disco. So serious.

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Thundercat : Daylight

Thundercat is proving to be quite the versatile musician – bass player extraordinaire, songwriter and vocalist. Thundercat is showing that he is part Squarepusher, part The-Dream, and part George Benson sprinkled with Flying Lotus’ magic dust/DMT.

Thundercat – Daylight

Listen to Thundercat “For Love I Come” here

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