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Jamie xx : Numbers Rinse FM Mix with Jackmaster & Spencer

It is no mystery that Jamie xx won my heart over with his steel drums and syncopated drum patterns. “Far Nearer” was officially released this week on Numbers. Jamie xx joined the Numbers posse on for this hour and 45 min mix that does not discriminate any genre. From old school disco into some deep house into a chopped and screwed “Far Nearer” mashed with “Footcrab” into a steel drum Drake and Wayne mash-up into Burial – this mix has it all. Also all of you should check out Jackmaster’s Fabriclive 57 Mix – an amazing collection of classic electronic tunes.

Download: Jamie xx : Numbers Rinse FM Mix with Jackmaster & Spencer

Jamie xx – Far Nearer (limited vinyl & download out now – by Numbers

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Gonzales x Lone

Gonzales enlists Lone’s warm analogue synth production style to remix his latest single, the disco house track “Knight Moves”. Lone ventures further into his tropicalista vibes by injecting a heavy dose of island percussion that is juxtaposed by his Boards of Canada warm synth sounds and melodies.

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Justice x The Fucking Champs

I always saw Justice as taking two bastardized and opposing musical genres, Disco and Metal and fusing them together into this epic and energetic sound. Sprinkle on some good songwriting and catchy melodies and you have Justice, in a nutshell. It totally made sense for Justice to ask The Fucking Champs for a remix of their power rock single “Civilization”. I have always thought The Fucking Champs were the badass version of Ratatat and now here they are fulfilling their cock rock destiny by remixing Justice. Just remember that harmonized guitars will always be cool.

The Fucking Champs – Civilization (The Fucking Champs Remix)

The Fucking Champs teamed up with Trans AM to form The Fucking AM, one of the most epic bands to come about in the past decade. “Doing Research for an Autobiography” is the key track off their album “Gold” that epitomizes all things epic and feel good. Just imagine yourself driving in SoCal in the 80s in your Jeep with your surfboard and the wind in your hair, feelsgoodman.jpg

The Fucking AM – Doing Research for An Autobigraphy

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Jim-E Stack : Lemme

NOLA’s own Jim-E Stack is Shuttle’s partner in crime down south and is giving away a new track of his entitled “Lemme”. A soulful syncopated bass tune set to rattle the dancefloors with its massive kick and RnB sample.

Download: Jim-E Stack : Lemme

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Vondelpark : Camels

R&S Records has gone through a gorgeous journey through the electronic music world. From releasing such classics such as Human Resources “Dominator” to CJ Bolland “Camargue” to Aphex Twin “Digeridoo” they have had everyone on their imprint. Just in the past year R&S has come back to life with acts like James Blake, Blawan and Cloud Boat, all adding a very contemplative and nostalgic element to their label. Vondelpark are another mysterious UK act that follows suit in Cloud Boat and James Blake’s emotional take on the “post-dubstep” genre. “Camels” is a beautiful, introspective piece that swims in reverb drenched guitar and vocals. Their ‘NYC Things And NYC Bags’ EP is to be released through R&S on July 18th.

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Blawan : Getting Me Down

R&S Records’ own Blawan mutates Brandy’s “I Wanna Be Down” from 1994 into a demented bass drenched track ready for the dancefloor. What an amazing use of this 90s sample. Hypnotic House.

Blawan – Getting Me Down

Via Yours Truly

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Carte Blanche : The Molecules

Carte Blanche’s “White Man on the Moon” EP is out now and is yet a continuation of their journey into HOUSE. In honor of the release here is track that didn’t make the EP (probably due to sample clearance issues), “The Molecules” – a tune that samples Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy” monologue. Just imagine this track as a hymn for the Church of HOUSE.

Download: Carte Blanche : The Molecules

Buy on Beatport

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Hudson Mohawke : Thunder Bay

Hudson Mohawke is back with some grimey/hood beats by way of Glasgow. He is a mutated bastard child of R&B and bizarre club music and this time he is bringing it even harder. His new EP, “Satin Panther” will be out August 1 on Warp Records. It is only a matter of time before Hudmo is producing tracks for Beyonce. FYI I still think Hudson Mohawke “Fuse” & “Rising 5” are two of the best tracks produced in the last few years.

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