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Spank Rock x Shuttle

Shuttle has landed once again with a new re-working of Spank Rock and Santigold’s “Car Song” – a serious clash of Baltimore minds. Shuttle transforms “Car Song” into a dark hip-hop club banger that just gets me excited for Shuttle’s full length release which will hopefully be out soon.

Download: Spank Rock – Car Song (Shuttle Remix)

PS. This is still an amazing remix.

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Jim-E Stack : Lemme

NOLA’s own Jim-E Stack is Shuttle’s partner in crime down south and is giving away a new track of his entitled “Lemme”. A soulful syncopated bass tune set to rattle the dancefloors with its massive kick and RnB sample.

Download: Jim-E Stack : Lemme

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O. Children x Shuttle

Sponsored by Scion

Shuttle returns with this latest remix of the Post Punkers, O. Children transforming “Fault Line” into an emotional club banger that is sure to move minds, hearts, and feet.

O. Children – Fault Line (Shuttle Remix)

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The HiFi Cartel 1 Year Anniversary Party

This Thursday July 1st HiFi Cartel will be celebrating their 1 year anniversary with the bass maven Shuttle along with Jubilee (Nightshifters), The Captain (Trouble & Bass), and Spectacal. I will be DJing as well so come through. Free admission with RSVP.

RSVP here!

Shuttle – Lion (Preview Edit)

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Asian Dan Presents Shuttle “The Orion”

Artwork by EIKNARF

THE ORION is now upon us. Shuttle has crafted the most epic mix to ever grace this blog. One Hour and Forty-Five Minutes of deep bass, UK 2-Step Garage, Dubstep goodness. If you listen to this all at once I applaud you. Checkout a little Q&A with Mr. Shuttle as he divulges his love of UK electronic music and why it took so long to get me this mix, 10 Months – but I must say it was well worth the wait.

Download: Asian Dan Presents Shuttle “The Orion Mixtape”

Asian Dan Q&A:

1. Who is Shuttle? How would you describe your music?

Legally, I am Nathan Donmoyer from Leonardtown, Maryland, but I go by Shuttle because I try to make music that transports the listener through different places in a believable yet refreshing path.

2. What are biggest influences, musical or otherwise?

The rhythm section, drums and bass, bass and drums. The rhythm section is the most powerful ingredient, you can have the same chicken, noodles and vegetables raw to start, but with rhythm and bass you can make 1,000 thai, indian, italian, mexican, or japanese dishes. All delicious. That and all UK bass music. I love it all. Slow, fast, swung, straight, instrumental, mc’s, diva’s. I wonder if I was born in london if I would appreciate it as much…

3. This mix is anything but an Asian Dan MINImix, it is the most epic/longest mix ever to grace this blog – 34 tracks clocking in at 1 hour and 45 mins. What took so long and what was some of your inspiration for it?

Ok, to contradict my Anglophilia from above, I have to say, I DO NOT UNDERSTAND mini-mixes. It’s this BBC British phenomenon I can’t understand. Plus, I told you would do this mix in April 2009 so when I finally got around to doing it this week I thought I owed you at least 90 minutes right? Mp3 = freedom from 74 minute compact discs, why not embrace the long form?
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Asian Dan Top of 2009 Guest List: SHUTTLE’s Top 10 Remixes

Boston’s own Shuttle has been making quite big moves this year with his little band, Passion Pit but his remixes of acts such as Phoenix have been showing how versatile of a musician and producer he is. His style of dubstep is not your typical wonky basslines, but his music is sound is definitely HUGE in a good way. I could not get enough of his remix of Phoenix’s “Love Like a Sunset” and his recent remix of Body Language’s “Work This City” is quite a catchy one. I love that he included one of my favorite remixes of the year, Joy Orbison’s remix of Four Tet – a massive talent that Nate and I have talked about numerous times.

Be sure to catch him at Webster Hall 1.8.2010 with Holy Ghost! and Classixx to witness his DJing magic. What Shuttle has in store for Twenty-Ten, who knows, maybe a remix of Lady Gaga & Beyonce or a remix of P Diddy featuring Biggie or maybe even finally a mix for Asian Dan…who knows?

Crookers ft. Kelis – “No Security (Hot City Bass Mix)
Gucci Vump – “Sha!Shtil! (L-Vis 1990 Remix)”
– Ramadanman – “Revenue (Untold Remix)”
– Friendly Fires – “Jump in the Pool (Thin White Dukes Remix)”
– Yacht – “Psychic City (Classixx Remix)”
– The Streets – “Blinded By The Lights (Nero Remix)”
Four Tet – “Love Cry (Joy Orbison Remix)”
– Florence and the Machine – cover of “You Got the Love”(the xx remix)
– La Roux – “In for the Kill (Skream Let’s Get Ravey Mix)”
– Udachi and Jubilee – “Smoke Rings (Luna C remix)

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Body Language x Shuttle

Mr. Shuttle adds his touches of dubstep to Brooklyn’s own Body Language turning “Work This City” into a what I like to call a “pop-step” tune. I feel it. The vocals are very XX sounding and the basslines are big but not obnoxious. Bump it on your computer speakers or out in the club. Your choice, they both do it justice.

Body Language – Work This City (Shuttle Remix)

Also 1.8.2010 Shuttle will be DJing at Webster Hall with Classixx and Holy Ghost! See y’all there.

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Phoenix x Shuttle

Shuttle is a remixing/producing machine – from working on his own tracks or remixing tracks under Passion Pit’s name, he is just constantly pumping out tracks. Listen to this great reworking of “Love Like a Sunset” – LOUD. Nate promised Asian Dan an exclusive mix so be on the look out for that soon!

“Our good friend Shuttle sent us this fantastic remix of “Love Like A Sunset” and we’d like to share it with all of you. As well as releasing records as shuttle, he also plays drums in Passion Pit as “Nate”! His new album will be out later this year.”-Phoenix Diary

Phoenix – Love Like a Sunset (Shuttle Remix)

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Asian Dan Exclusive Interview: TODD EDWARDS

“Todd is genius and I have never been disapointed by his music. I keep telling my friends I can hear angels singing, do you?” Busy P

Todd Edwards is the angelic voice behind “Face to Face” – that amazing tune by a little french duo known as Daft Punk. Todd is one of the godfathers of the UK Garage scene and has remixed everyone from Zoot Woman, Phoenix, Justice, Klaxons, Paul Johnson, and St. Germain. Now here is a little peak into this man from New Jersey’s musical mind and find out how the Daft Punk collaboration came about and how/why he remixed Japan’s own Boris.

Daft Punk – Face To Face (Todd Edwards Remix)

Zoot Woman – Taken It All (Todd Edwards Remix)

Also this time around I had some producers/DJs send in their own questions for Mr. Edwards -find out what Nate Donmoyer (Shuttle/Passion PIt), Pete Dougherty (Hey Champ), Emil & Friends, and GLOVES had to ask.


Asian Dan Exclusive Interview: TODD EDWARDS

Who is Todd Edwards? How would you describe your sound?

I’m a music producer from New Jersey. ..Lot of talent in Jersey 😉 I’ve been making club music since 1991. The driving force that has inspired me to keep going all these years is God. My faith plays an important part in my music and the direction I take it. I have always described my sound as a musical collage. I take bits and pieces that I’ve sampled and fill in the spaces until I feel the track sounds complete.

What are some of your biggest influences, musical or otherwise? What is your first musical memory?

I will always give credit to the original influences that started me on the path of my sound. Marc Kinchen better known as MK introduced us all to a very unique sampling style in his remix of Nightcrawlers “Push The Feeling On.” He cut up the vocals into a two bar loop that sounded like it was saying something, but it wasn’t. The remix was huge with many to follow. I took on exploring that cut-up sample style. I also listened to a lot of Enya. Enya used a lot of her own vocals as part of her background music. I combined Enya’s vocal concept with MK’s vocal cut ups. Add some Kenny “Dope” Gonzalez inspired drum patterns and you get the genesis of what I do now. Film scores have been a great source of inspiration to me. There are chord progressions in film scores that you don’t usually find in club music. The sampling process itself has exposed me to many genres of music from disco and r&b of the 70’s to the 60’s folk music movement. I look for interesting textures to sample. What I sample plays an even more important role in my tracks than how I arrange the samples.

My first musical memory was writing a simple song in a note pad a couple days after my mother received a piano from my father as a gift. I remember when that piano was delivered. It was a great morning, and I still love that piano.

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Passion Pit x Shuttle

Passion Pit – The Reeling (Shuttle’s Super Club Mega Mix ’99)

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