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Asian Dan Presents Shuttle “The Orion”

Artwork by EIKNARF

THE ORION is now upon us. Shuttle has crafted the most epic mix to ever grace this blog. One Hour and Forty-Five Minutes of deep bass, UK 2-Step Garage, Dubstep goodness. If you listen to this all at once I applaud you. Checkout a little Q&A with Mr. Shuttle as he divulges his love of UK electronic music and why it took so long to get me this mix, 10 Months – but I must say it was well worth the wait.

Download: Asian Dan Presents Shuttle “The Orion Mixtape”

Asian Dan Q&A:

1. Who is Shuttle? How would you describe your music?

Legally, I am Nathan Donmoyer from Leonardtown, Maryland, but I go by Shuttle because I try to make music that transports the listener through different places in a believable yet refreshing path.

2. What are biggest influences, musical or otherwise?

The rhythm section, drums and bass, bass and drums. The rhythm section is the most powerful ingredient, you can have the same chicken, noodles and vegetables raw to start, but with rhythm and bass you can make 1,000 thai, indian, italian, mexican, or japanese dishes. All delicious. That and all UK bass music. I love it all. Slow, fast, swung, straight, instrumental, mc’s, diva’s. I wonder if I was born in london if I would appreciate it as much…

3. This mix is anything but an Asian Dan MINImix, it is the most epic/longest mix ever to grace this blog – 34 tracks clocking in at 1 hour and 45 mins. What took so long and what was some of your inspiration for it?

Ok, to contradict my Anglophilia from above, I have to say, I DO NOT UNDERSTAND mini-mixes. It’s this BBC British phenomenon I can’t understand. Plus, I told you would do this mix in April 2009 so when I finally got around to doing it this week I thought I owed you at least 90 minutes right? Mp3 = freedom from 74 minute compact discs, why not embrace the long form?

4. Favorite remix you have made for an artist? Most random artist to ask for a remix?

My favorite remix I have ever made was for Micachu, a song called Golden Phone, never got pressed, but I think it is my favorite track I have ever worked on. I did it under the old ‘etan’ moniker, it’s the golden pager ringtone and I believe is still up on the etan Soundcloud

Most random request, well I do some of the remixes under the “Passion Pit” moniker and one came in from P Diddy, and for some reason he tuned to A=400hz (The modern A we all know and love is now tempered at 440hz), so weird, considering it’s not from 1798, even baroque stuff was performed at least A=415hz, I think.

5. Who are your top 5 producers/DJs of all time?

If I have to, 5 of each at random, cant say top 5, but 5 faves nonetheless
Producers: Quincy Jones, George Martin, Giorgio Moroder, Burial, Thomas Bangalter
deejs: Untold, Toddla T, Dj Huggs, Dj Shadow, High Contrast

6. What are your top 5 dance tracks of all time?

Top five tracks you can dance to for me at this moment in time:
Cleveland Lounge – Drowning (Dave’s Drum and Space mix)
Hot City – No More
Rare Essence – Three in the Mornin’
Dj Lil jay and KW Griff – Don’t Make
Hard House Banton – Sirens

7. As a DJ and tastemaker you have a responsibility to expose them to new music – what are some artists you are really loving? And where do you see the electronic music world going?

The garage, funky and broken beat pushers that are gonna take what is exciting sonically from the dnb/dub guys and make it musically attractive to a wider audience, at the same time, convincing the wider audience to get weird. I think everyone is really gonna enjoy 2010, with people like Joy Orbison, James Blake, Roska, and Flying Lotus all putting out new stuff and influencing others, it’s really exciting.

8. Future plans for Shuttle?

I am finally finishing up my full length out on Ninja Tune Records hopefully later this year as well as touring like crazy and moving to New Orleans.

1. Carl Sagan on Project Orion
2. Tapes – Gold Love Riddim
3. Unknown White Label
4. Sunday Roast – Jungle Strike
5. Cosmin TRG – Twilight Riddim
6. Emvee – Glitch Dub
7. Martyn – Hear Me (Zomby Remix)
8. Joy Orbison – So Derobe
9. Footsteps – Worker
10. L-Vis 1990 – Compass
11. Julio Bashmore – Um Bongo Revenge
12. DVA – Natty
13. Instra:mental – Leave It All Behind
14. Neon Trees – Animal (Shuttle Remix)
15. Sony – Sugar Rush
16. Sekta ft, Spoek Mathambo – Jabajaws Instrumental
17. Cosmin TRG – Since Last Night
18. Mosca – Square One (Greena Remix)
19. Phoenix – Love Like a Sunset (Shuttle Remix tronstep edit)
20. I.D. – Reklam
21. Misstress Barbara – Four on the Floor (Shuttle Remix 2)
22. Destiny’s Child – Bills Bills Bills (Harmonimix)
23. Hyetal and Shortstuff – Ice Cream
24. Desto – Disappearing reappearing Ink
25. Ramadanman – Revenue (Untold remix)
26. Joe – Rut
27. Lv – Don’t Judge (Fantastic Mr. Fox Remix)
28. Brackles – Rawkus
29. Untold – Sweat
30. Erykah Badu – Honey (Seiji remix)
31. Kingdom – Mind Reader ft. Shyvonne (L-Vis 1990 Remix)
32. DVA – Ganja
33. Shuttle – Lion (version c)
34. Carl Sagan Outro

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