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Madlib : Sound Ancestors

Madlib teams up with Four Tet who “edited, arranged and mastered” his latest LP Sound Ancestors. It is an unlikely pairing but Four Tet distills Madlib’s creations into an album that on 2nd and 3rd listen reveals itself more and more. Unlike initial single “Road of The Lonely Ones” which hits instantly with its emotional soul sample and hard cracking drums – the entire album is a journey which sometimes feels a bit too clean sounding of a production for Madlb. But in the end is just a completely vulnerable and stripped down to his essence type of sound that no doubt will connect with a larger audience.

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Mica Levi : Blue Alibi

Yet another new album from Mica Levi!

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Onyx Collective : Pawnbroker + Rat Race

Onyx Collective channels the anxiety and turmoil of our modern age into a pure sonic act of aggression that is a beautiful release. “Rat Race” is a great nod to the legendary NYC free jazz group, Last Exit along with a lot of the hardcore NYC greats. I hope for more of this rawness in 2021.

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Devin Sarno : Hesitant Touch

Devin Sarno is a pioneer in generating low end ambient music by using just a bass guitar. He is a huge inspiration and shed so much light on what can be done with an unlikely instrument for ambient music. “Love Chronicle Memory” is his upcoming album that he recorded December 2020 – January 2021 and continues to explore and dive deeper into his version of ambient music. Pre-order the album now on his bandcamp.

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Louisahhh : Numb, Undone

Louisahhh prepares to unleash “The Practice of Freedom”. Pre-Order the album now and get ready for a torrent of rawness and power. Excited that this is finally upon us all.

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Myd : Moving Men (Metronomy Remix)

Metronomy adds a slick 80s sheen to Myd and Mac DeMarco’s “Moving Men”. A super icy slap bass sound anchors this track transforming it into a mood 80s pop track.

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Daniel Avery & Alessandro Cortini : Baresi

This collaboration between Daniel Avery & Alessandro Cortini continues to be fruitful and ever evolving into a beautiful and chaotic mess. “Baresi” was created during the same sessions as “Illusion of Time” and is a simple cascading arrangement of synths that morph and twist into crashing waves of sound that soothe you.

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SOPHIE : BIPP (Autechre Remix)

Autechre dilutes SOPHIE’s saccharine PC Music pop “BIPP” into a BOPP. They pitch down the original hypervox into its original silky and smooth state and drops in some simple drum work.

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SebastiAn : DOORMAN (feat. Syd) (Vegyn Remix)

The captain of PLZ Make It Ruins steps up to remix SebastiAn’s “Doorman” feat Syd. Vegyn transforms the song into an expansive and moody ballad that lands heavy with it’s effective and hard drum programming.

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