Asian Dan


Sigur Ros – Heima

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Risky Business: Tangerine Dream

The score for Risky Business is 80s epic synth greatness courtesy of Mr. Edgar Froese & Tangerine Dream. This is Tangerine Dream’s most commercial movie score for they have scored over sixty-five other films as well as released over a hundred albums.

Here is my favorite track off the soundtrack, very Steve Reich:
Tangerine Dream – Love On A Real Train

These are some Tangerine Dream-esque sounding tracks. John Frusciante said that this song is directly influenced by Edgar Froese’s solo album, Epsilon In Malaysian Pale.
John Frusciante – 23 Go Into End

Guy-Man from Daft Punk helped produce this track
Sebastien Tellier – Sexual Sportswear

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R.I.P. Gold Standard Laboratories

Gold Standard Laboratories Shutting Down

I guess October is the month for shutting down websites (New Oink) and closing up shop. GSL Records is citing Tony Wilson’s death (founder of Factory Records, Joy Division, New Order, A Certain Ratio & The Happy Mondays) as a sign that record labels such as themselves can no longer exist in the world. GSL is co-owned by The Mars Volta founder, Omar Rodiguez-Lopez a big influence of GSL’s “no compromise, punk rock” aesthetic. Here are some my favorite tracks from some bands on GSL’s past and present roster:

The Jai-Alai Savant – Akebono

400 Blows – Mortar and Pestle

The Mars Volta – Cut That City

Rhythm of Black Lines – Zama

Jaga Jazzist – Animal Chin

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David Gahan & John Frusciante

David Gahan – Saw Someting

John Frusciante makes an appearance on David Gahan’s new solo album, Hourglass. A great guitar solo and some interesting moduluar synth work by Mr. Frusciante.

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Fabriclive 37 – JUSTICE

Justice’s Fabrilive 37 tracklist set to be released in December:

01 Sparks – Tryouts For The Human Race – Virgin
02 Rondo Veneziano – La Serenissima – Universal
03 Goblin – Tenebrae – Cinevox
04 Daft Punk – Ouverture – Virgin
05 Surkin – Next Of Kin – Institubes
06 SymbolOne – Love Juice – SymbolOne
07 Korgis – Everybodys Gotta Learn Sometimes – Angel Air
08 Midnight Juggernauts – Ending Of An Era – Mindight Juggernauts
09 The Paradise Ft Romauld – In Love With You – Vulture
10 Justice – TTHHEE PPAARRTTYY (Acapella) – Ed Banger
11 Chic – Everybody Dance – Atlantic
12 Frankie Valli – Who Loves You – Warners
13 Das Pop – Underground – Das Pop
14 Julien Clerc – Quand Je Joue – EMI
15 Daniel Balavoine – Vivre Ou Survivre – Barclay
16 Richard Sanderson – Reality – Barclay
17 Zoot Woman – Grey Day – Wall Of Sound
18 Fucking Champs – Thor Is Like Immortal – Drag City
19 The Rave – Mother – The Rave
20 Fancy – You Never Know – Fancy
21 Frank Stallone – Far From Over – Universal
22 Sheila – Misery – Warners
23 Todd Rundgren – International Feel – Warners

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Russian Circles


Russian Circles’ News

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Gilbert O’Sullivan – Alone Again (Naturally)

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Harder, Better, Faster Stronger (Alive 2007) – Official Video – I was there!!

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I am a Francophile


60s French Pop is amazing. From Serge Gainbourg and the Ye-Ye Girls of the 60s like Chantel Goya, France Gall & the woman of my dreams, Francoise Hardy ::swoon:: She had the most sophisticated voice and appeal out of all the 60s Ye-Ye Girls.

Air – Jeanne (feat. Francoise Hardy)


France Gall – Toi Que Je Veux


Das Pop – Underground

Some Beligian love:
Goose – Bring It On

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"The physical world no longer holds my interest. I find joy only on the internet." – Dilbert



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