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Friendly Fires x Depeche Mode

Friendly Fire’s singer bro does his best Dave Gahan impression on this cover of “Strangelove” for the upcoming Gucci Guilty campaign. A star studded collaboration with a commercial shot by Frank Miller starring Evan Rachel Wood. This is one of my favorite Depeche Mode songs and Friendly Fires adds their touch in a good way to the song. I especially like that they retain the way Dave Gahan says “A-gain” during the bridge.

STRANGELOVE by Gucci Guilty

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Live: Depeche Mode – Come Back

An epic slowburner from the upcoming Depeche Mode album, Sounds of the Universe. I like this a lot more than “Wrong”.

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Depeche Mode x D.I.M. vs. Boys Noize

Depeche Mode – Wrong (D.I.M. vs. Boys Noize)

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Depeche Mode x NT89

NT89’s latest remix that is being championed by Drop the Lime and Congorock. Heavy.
Depeche Mode – Lillian (NT89 Remix) (zshare)

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Hey Champ Sign to 1st and 15th

So for the past few weeks I have been rocking out to Hey Champ’s “Cold Dust Girl” on repeat, such catchy pop goodness. Lupe Fiasco has been raving about them since they are a hometown Chicago act and recently signed them to his label 1st and 15th, another Ivy League Indie Rock band signed by a hip hop superstar.

I then stumbled upon Hey Champ DJs’ Retrosexual and Electrosexual mixes that they released sometime this time last year. I fell in love with one of their original tracks, “Sugar Daddy” which has this old school French Touch sound, something that Le Knight Club would produce. Great use of samples and filters.

Hey Champ DJs – Sugar Daddy

Here is another track by the band that has that Midnight Juggernauts synth feel but with a Depeche Mode/Duran Duran pop touch.
Hey Champ – Face Control

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The Presets x Lifelike

Another French/Australian collaboration that is too good. Lifelike turns this track into a very Dmode sounding track, at some points The Presets’ singer kind of sounds like David Gahan.

The Presets – This Boy’s in Love (Lifelike Remix) (Yousendit)

The Presets – This Boy’s in Love (Lifelike Remix) (zshare)

The Presets Myspace
Lifelike Myspace
Cazals and Does It Offend You, Yeah? Lifelike remixes coming soon!

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New M83 track that reminds me of Depeche Mode off of Saturdays = Youth which will be released 4.15.2008. It’s not your usual epic M83 sounding track with lush vocals and synth that wash over you.
M83 – Couleurs

Depeche Mode – Suffer Well (M83 Remix)

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David Gahan & John Frusciante

David Gahan – Saw Someting

John Frusciante makes an appearance on David Gahan’s new solo album, Hourglass. A great guitar solo and some interesting moduluar synth work by Mr. Frusciante.

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Ah thats why I love you.

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Radiohead is one of those bands that I stray away from then I listen to my favorite songs by them and realize again why I love them so much and why they are so damn good. I am so anxious to hear new music from them. Their blog Dead Air Space has been leaving clues about their LP number 7 which they have been working on and documenting on the site for the past year and a half.
Dead Air Space

Here are some tracks that remind me why I love Radiohead:

Radiohead – Talk Show Host (From The Romeo & Juliet Soundtrack)
Radiohead – Maquiladora (Live@Astoria – London, England – 5.27.1994)
PJ Harvey & Thom Yorke – This Mess We’re In
Radiohead – Life In A Glasshouse
Radiohead – The Gloaming (Live@ Glastonbury Festival 2003)

Depeche Mode is another band that I have falling outs with but then I listen to that track that got me from day one and I just fall in love all over again ::swoon:: I remember the first time I heard a Depeche Mode song was in 8th grade when I heard the Sasha and John Digweed remix of Enjoy the Silence, a great track off of “Violator”. You should all check out David Gahan’s new solo album, Hourglass.
David Gahan Myspace

Some love for D-Mode:

Depeche Mode – Blue Dress
Depeche Mode – Suffer Well
Depeche Mode – Strange Love
Depeche Mode – Dream On

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