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Bobby Champs : Steve Martin EP

Bobby Champs drops big bombs with his latest release the “Steve Martin” EP. This 3 track release dives deep into classic house vibes dipped in techno vibes that set the mood. Stream the teaser below and dive into the vibes.

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Emil & Friends : Internal Affairs

Kitsune just released the Emil & Friends “Royal Oats” EP this past week and it is quite a fam jam of a release featuring remixes by Dubka, Radial and DVNO. Included was a new track entitled “Internal Affairs” which is a nod to some of the French Touch forefathers such as Alan Braxe & Fred Falke, especially with that super slick bassline. Emil injects his modern synth pop vibes into the track while painting a surreal picture of a detective on the prowl. Check out the multi-panel music video for “Internal Affairs” that depicts a non-chalant Emil doing his musical thing.

Kitsune Blog – Emil & Friends “Royal Oats” EP Out Now

Purchase the “Royal Oats” EP on iTunes
Purchase the “Royal Oats” EP on Beatport

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Letherette : Warstones

Letherette are prepping a new EP through the Ninja Tune family entitled “Featurette”. I totally missed this back in September when they were giving away “Warstones” for free via the Ninja Tune site but through the power of the web here it is again for your listening and downloading pleasure. Letherette is known for their laid back, boogie, Dilla vibes but they totally flip the game with “Warstones”. This is a straightforward big time Daft-inspired house tune in the best and most tasteful way possible, full of chopped up soulful samples and a massive funky bassline. This is one of those tracks that instantly puts me in a good mood, hopefully it shall do the same for you. Letherette’s “Featurette” EP is out November 19 on Ninja Tune.

Download: Letherette – Warstones

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John Talabot x Bullion

Bullion transforms John Talabot’s “Destiny” into a jittery 8-bit synth propelled dance track that is part Talking Heads and part New Order especially during the mantra like chorus with its guitar and bass work.

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Delivery : No Pain

LA’s Delivery delivers a track entitled “No Pain” – a slow churning hypnotic acid house driven tune that twists and turns deep into your mind and onto the dancefloor. So allow this track to numb any of the #feels that you have and just let go…

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Jackmaster : Tweak-A-Holic #3

Jackmaster proves that he is a true DJ and a master of the “Vibe” with the third installment of his Tweak-A-Holic mix series. He opens with Toto “Georgy Porgy” proving that he is an OG in this DJ game. So just find that special somebody and dance the night away.

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Music Video : The Stepkids “Sweet Salvation”

The Stepkids debut their latest single “Sweet Salvation” along with this accompanying psychedelic 80s space-made-for-TV video. “Sweet Salvation” sounds like if Herbie Hancock in the early 80s decided to write the theme song to a PBS space educational show that premiered between Reading Rainbow and Mr. Rogers. It is oh-so-trippy and funky yet so smooth, enjoy.

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S-Type : Billboard

The LuckyMe fam is finally unleashing S-Type’s “Billboard” into the world. When I first heard this tune on that massive Rustie Essential Mix I instantly knew that this was gonna be one of those tracks that every mainstream rapper/RnB artist would be fighting over to rhyme over, it is only a matter of time before this beat infects mainstream airwaves. Proper massif choon. #tarpkiller

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Holy Ghost! : It Gets Dark

Holy Ghost! hints at the direction of their latest sonic direction with their track entitled “It Gets Dark”. They dig deeper into the dark New Order vibes that they touched upon on their self-titled album. There amazing ability to craft big hooks and choruses is still very evident on this track. Let us see where the duo goes from here.

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LOL Boys x Todd Edwards

I’m just gonna say it, this is the remix of the year. Todd Edwards proves once again why he is “Todd the God” with this remix of the (RIP) LOL Boys’ “Changes”. Words do little to convey the #feels that this track brings to me. So just let the music hit you and allow Todd Edwards to be an instigator of instant emotions.

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