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Jackmaster : Tweak-A-Holic #4

“The whitest and cheesiest version yet.”

The 4th installment of Jackmaster’s legendary Tweak-A-Holic series, just in time for Xmas time. Download over at

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Sophie : Bipp

Numbers has just released Sophie “Bipp” a mutated RnB and freestyle tinged track that is set to be played out all summer long. Buy “Bipp / Elle” here now.

“Whatever you feeling, I can make it better…”

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Music Video : Redinho “Stinger”

Redinho unveils his latest single “Stinger” care of the Numbers Records crew. This is the first new music from Redinho since his beautiful “Stay Together” was released in 2011.

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Rustie : Triadzz

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Rustie : Slasherr

Rustie strikes back with a double A-side single, Triadzz / Slasherr care of the Numbers Music crew which will be out March 18. Rustie brings his brand of hyperr production to America’s ears as he embarks on a tour that will hit NYC this Thursday at the new Williamsburg club, Output as well as SXSW. It will be a big year as Rustie’s massive sounds washes over us all. So be ready.

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Jackmaster : Tweak-A-Holic #3

Jackmaster proves that he is a true DJ and a master of the “Vibe” with the third installment of his Tweak-A-Holic mix series. He opens with Toto “Georgy Porgy” proving that he is an OG in this DJ game. So just find that special somebody and dance the night away.

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Redinho : Edge Off EP

Numbers is a label that releases quality music that refreshes electronic music, especially with acts like Kavrsave, Deadboy, and Rustie. Redinho is no less. He could definitely be the “mainstream” sounding act that will push Numbers to the forefront. His latest release the “Edge Off” EP is a collage of electronic genres. The title track is a big boogie bass jam full of talk-box hooks and fat synth stabs, imagine if Zapp & Roger
was produced by Timbaland in his heyday. “Slap” sounds like a juke remix of Squarepusher while “Power Look” and “Whips” are big bass dancefloor destroyers. Really wish I had caught Redinho live down in SXSW.

Redinho – Edge Off EP (Preview clips of NMBRS14) by Numbers

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Asian Dan Presents Classic House Tracks According to the Word of Todd: Todd Terry “Slam Jam”

Sponsored by Scion

This post is the first of many weekly guest posts from the one and only Todd Edwards. He agreed to grace us with some of his House music wisdom with quintessential tracks of the canon of House music as well as tracks that heavily influenced and mean a lot to Todd himself. First off is a track by Todd Terry, “Slam Jam” that samples my fav Ramjam song “Black Betty”. Also Todd Edwards offers up his remix of the legendary Dusseldorf quartet, Kraftwerk’s “Numbers”.

“Todd Terry’s productions were the first that I studied in depth. He lead the way in sample-based house track productions from the late 80’s, and from then on was known as “Todd The God”. (That’s catchy) “Slam Jam” had Todd’s signature drums running under a simple bassline which sounded more like a sample of a sound than an actual keyboard synth, rawww!!! The track is filled with catchy samples running through it. It was always a great feeling when I stumbled across a record where Mr. Terry got his samples from. Todd’s beats and use of samples gave him his signature sound. When you put on a Todd Terry record, you know it’s Todd Terry. So, that’s what I set out to do. He inspired me to create a sound that would be reconginzable to anyone who played my tracks. I owe him a big thanks for being the first of my house music inspirations. Of course, he should know this by now because I told him every chance I saw him at the clubs in the 90’s.”

Todd Terry – Slam Jam

Kraftwerk – Numbers (Todd Edwards Remix)

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