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Seiho : Wet Asphalt

As August rolls in and the end of summer is just around the bend, it is time to soak in as much of the warmth as you can, absorb all the good times, people and vibes. Osaka’s Seiho produces beautifully warm and deep tracks that are full #feel and maximum #vibe. “Wet Asphalt” nods and bops around at comfortable 85 bpm, ready to accompany all your special strolls down the beach and carry you into the warm summer nights.

Be sure to check out this amazing remix of Janet Jackson’s “Someone To Call My Lover”. Don’t let the midi sax and slap bass fool you, this is a proper and tastefully done remix.

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Yours Truly : Sampha – Live – “Indecision”

The team at Yours Truly captured this amazing and candid performance of Sampha’s “Indecision” in his home studio, just a man, his voice and his piano. Sampha’s debut “Dual” EP is out today care of Young Turks. Buy here now.

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Chchchen : Vitamin D – Summer 2013 Mix for Snatch Magazine

The lovely ChChChen serves up 46 minutes of pure summer vibes that are ready to soundtrack all your sunny days. Get ready to get a proper dosage of “Vitamin D”.

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Phoenix : Be Cool (EMiL Remix)

The artist formerly known as Emil & Friends has leveled up to now just Emil and returns with a remix of the #relevant single from everyone’s favorite French band, Phoenix and their single “Trying To Be Cool”. Emil’s take really highlights the crisp sunny vibes and finds a nice middle ground between smooth and bloghaus banger. Not only did Emil remix but he decided to team up with his longtime illustrator friend Chris DeLorenzo to create a very Pee Wee’s Adventure style animated video. Watch the video above, stream and download the remix below.

If you are in NYC, come check out Emil & Friends at The Studio at Webster Hall on August 15.

Download: Phoenix – Be Cool (EMiL Remix)

“A lot of my friends are on the road, playing late night TV shows, or they’re on set with a busy crew filming till they can’t stay awake, or they’re in the office or classroom working hard with a lot to show for it everyday. They wonder what I’ve been up to in the studio, and surely a lot of them are quite nervous for me. It is exciting to know the opportunity is coming to share everything I’ve been assembling in the bat cave. But not yet…still loads to be done… plus I want 2 hit the beach.” – Emil

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Drake : Girls Love Beyonce (SBTRKT Edit)

SBTRKT distills Drake’s feelings into a deep and emotional edit that provides maximum vibes. This edit of Girls Love Beyonce may only be 3 minutes but it is a full impact of #feels.

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Illangelo : Crash Landing

Illangelo is the first signing to Bromance Records foray into North America with the help of Skrillex’s OSWLA. The Toronto based Illangelo is a frequent collaborator with The Weeknd and is now set to release a full LP care of the Bromance team. “Crash Landing” is an impressive track that highlights his drum programming and ability to construct a deep and moody vibe.

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Egyptian Hip Hop : Tobago (Mickey Moonlight Remix)

Mickey Moonlight morphs Egyptian Hip Hop “Tobago” into a full out 90s breakbeat injected track turned up to full #vibes. Stream & download below.

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Redinho : Searching

Redinho returns with an epic future boogie jam full of dense synth stabs and tasteful vocoder work. “Searching” completely flips vibe and is a perfect juxtaposition to his amazing funk love odyssey “Stay Together”. Buy “Searching” now.

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Jackson and his Computerband : Arp #1

As we get closer to finally hearing a new LP from Jackson and his Computerband we are given “Arp #1” is a fairly straightforward disco banger from the man that has disappeared for 8 years. It is only a matter a time till we can full immerse ourselves in Jackson’s madness…out September 2.

“…a game of musical obsessions and rageous pleasures. I’ve made it driven by feverish moments of revelation and sharing them with my friends.”

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Letherette : After Dawn (Bibio Remix)

Letherette enlists their peer and friend, Bibio to re-imagine their very classic French Touch sounding track “After Dawn”. Bibio finds a dark and moody vibe with this remix that moves in angular and massive way, a perfect juxtaposition to Bibio’s mellow folk sounds. Stream Letherette “After Dawn (Bibio Remix)” over at

Download: Letherette : After Dawn (Bibio Remix)

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