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Music Video : Jackson & His Computerband “Dead Living Things”

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Jackson and His Computerband : “Billy” Live

Jackson and His Computerbands vision is fully realized with this epic uniting of man and machine. Jackson’s Computerband has manifested itself in an abstract mirrored structure that resembles and operates in ways only its creator knows. “Glow” is out Sept 2 and 3 care of Warp Records.

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Jackson and his Computerband : Arp #1

As we get closer to finally hearing a new LP from Jackson and his Computerband we are given “Arp #1” is a fairly straightforward disco banger from the man that has disappeared for 8 years. It is only a matter a time till we can full immerse ourselves in Jackson’s madness…out September 2.

“…a game of musical obsessions and rageous pleasures. I’ve made it driven by feverish moments of revelation and sharing them with my friends.”

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Jackson and his Computer Band : Vista

A new Jackson and his Computer Band track entitled “Vista” has surfaced which is apparently a b-side to his debut single off of “Glow” entitled “GI Jane”, out July 9 on Warp Records. “Vista” is a track that slowly unfolds as layers upon layers of sounds drape over one another, an exciting peak into what “Glow” has to offer.

Stream “Vista” via Warp Records’ Soundcloud

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Jackson And His Computerband “Glow” – Out September 2013

September 2013 marks the return of Jackson And His Computerband. It has been 8 years since “Smash” set the tone for the French producers we all know and love today. Jackson with his microsplicing and sampling techniques paved the way for Justice to produce their massive bangers. Enjoy this cryptic and epic 1 min teaser for “Glow” which will be out September care of the one and only Warp Records.

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Lunice : Glow

As Lunice prepares to unleash “One Hunned” on LuckyME here is the first track off the EP, “Glow” featuring a video of Lunice paying tribute to the fallen #SWAG with his amazing footwork.

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