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Jackson and his Computer Band : Vista

A new Jackson and his Computer Band track entitled “Vista” has surfaced which is apparently a b-side to his debut single off of “Glow” entitled “GI Jane”, out July 9 on Warp Records. “Vista” is a track that slowly unfolds as layers upon layers of sounds drape over one another, an exciting peak into what “Glow” has to offer.

Stream “Vista” via Warp Records’ Soundcloud

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VHS Head is a mysterious Blackpool, UK native producer signed to Skam Records.

Rumors are flying around that VHS Head is a secret moniker of the amazing Jackson & His Computer Band. I had the pleasure of checking out Jackson’s DJ set as he opened for Justice this last week in NYC at Webster Hall. Not what I was expecting from Jackson, but it was a DJ set full of electro blog-haus bangers even Benny Benassi’s “Satisfaction” which got all the br0s dancing/moshing. It’s too bad none of audience knew who he was to really appreciate his genius. Justice essentially took Jackson’s production style of micro-sampling/cut and paste, collage style. Just take a listen to Jackson & His Computer Band’s song “Hard Tits” and tell me that track did not heavily influence Justice’s “Valentine”. Checkout photos from the Justice/Jackson show @ Webster Hall on here courtesy of Mr. Nicky Digital

Anyway back to VHS Head – at first listen it does sound very similar to Jackson’s work but I feel like it is would be a step backwards for Jackson to produce tracks such as these. Either way I am a big fan of this chopped up beats and samples production style. These tracks even remind me a little of Venetian Snares as well.

VHS Head – Growler Spit U Out

VHS Head – Kincaid

Cheers, Too Many Sebastians

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Panico x Jackson & His Computer Band

So Me x Jackson x DJ Mehdi

Busy P Lumix Photo blog

Jackson Fourgeaud aka Jackson & His Computer Band returns with a remix of the Chilean band, Panico. This is his first remix since remixing Justice pop hit D.A.N.C.E into an epic pastiche opus. Jackson cuts and mashes this Pancio track into what sounds like Aphex Twin as an 80s metal band. I can’t wait for Jackson & His Computer Band’s next album.
Panico – Illumination (Jackson Remix)

Other News:

The Beatles – Carnival of Light
“Sir Paul said he was fond of the track, which was inspired by experimental composers John Cage and Karlheinz Stockhausen: “I like it because it’s The Beatles free, going off piste.”
BBC x The Beatles

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*Luck on Strike Exclusive Asian Dan 5 Minute Minimix*

Luck on Strike – Exclusive Asian Dan 5 Min Minute Minimix
Le Matos vs. Nine Inch Nails – 88mph feed
Klaxons – As Above, So Below (Justice Remix)
Digitalism – The Pulse
VHS or Beta – Burn it All own (Midnight Juggernauts Remix)
Luck on Strike vs. Jackson & His Computer Band – Arpeggio

Here is a 5 minute minimix from Luck on Strike, as a preview for their US tour but unfortunately they had to cancel the tour 🙁 I was so excited to see them live. Hopefully they will make it across the sea sometime in the near future.

Luck on Strike Myspace

Artwork by mstrfrnk

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Luck On Strike Interview

Exclusive Asian Dan Interview with Luck On Strike:

– Have you two been involved in any bands/musical projects previous to Luck On Strike?
Gauthier : I played rock and funk before going to electronic music.
Bertrand : I’ve been in several bands before, but it was such a pain to handle egos, delays, etc.
I currently have an electro pop project named Computerpop for which Gauthier helps me too. We have lots of songs in progress for it, but it’s a side project since we are very busy with Luck on Strike.

– What instruments do you guys play?
Gauthier : I play guitar, bass, I sing, and I program synths.
Bertrand : I’m not a musician in the classical sense since I don’t know musical theory. But I learned keyboard and music composing on my own. I’m more a synth/sampler/software programmer. Maybe one day I’ll find time to learn musical theory, I could open new perspectives to me.

– I don’t know if you guys are familiar with Jon Brion the producer/songwriter/film scorer who produced all of Fiona Apple’s albums and produced Kanye’s album Late Registration but he says that “He can never escape the Beatles”. What artist do you feel that you can never escape or always look to for inspiration? Musical or otherwise.
Bertrand : I know Jon Brion for being the music scorer for Eternal Sunshine (Gondry) or Magnolia. Score Music is what I listen to most. It’s hard to list what influences us since it’s quite wide and numerous. But I don’t feel trapped by a sound or a band because I love too many different kinds of them.
Gauthier : Well, Daft Punk made electronic music a mainstream genre, and I think that we cannot escape them in the same way rock cannot escapes blues : the genre evolves, but the roots remains. This doesn’t prevent from writing good songs and find your own way and sound.

– What are your three of favorite songs/albums right now?
Bertrand :
1. The Buggles – Video kill the radio star (the production is incredible)
2. Daft Punk – Discovery (It showed that it was possible to make a true electronic music album very popular. It opened another door after Homework).
3. Vangelis – Blade Runner OST (Incredible analog synthesis)

Gauthier :
What I’m listening to today :
1. Zoot Woman – We won’t break (track)
2. Pearl Jam – Vitalogy (album)
3. King Crimson – In the court of the Crimson King (album)

– What is your favorite piece of studio equipment?
Bertrand : We work apart most often, so we each have a home studio plus a third one for the vocal takes. At home I love my mac book, my Virus and my Juno 106.
Gauthier : My hand made vocal booth in studio B (studio A is home…). Great microphones and great preamps are useless without a good place to make the takes.

– What software/hardware do you use?
Bertrand : Cubase SX3, Kontakt for my drums kits and a bunch of freewares. Gauthier is teaching me Ableton Live.
Gauthier : I’ve tried some different kinds of software, and achieved the same sound on the output. So I came back to SX3 to exchange works in progress with Bertrand easily, but software don’t matter that much to me. Hardware is something else : I’m mad about vintage/modern guitar pedals, I love my Juno 106, etc. These are irreplaceable.

– I see that you guys use Ableton Live in a very “musical” way like DJ Falcon, by creating mashups of loops and grooves.
Gauthier : Yes, Bertrand and I are preparing a kind of live mashup where we play against each other, to raise the pressure. Live is like a video game to me. We have controllers so we touch our laptops as least as we can.

– Any shows/DJ sets coming up? Any releases coming up?
Gauthier : We’ve been busy with production until now, but we’re going back to the stage soon. We’re in discussion with several records labels, so we cannot talk about releases now.

– I saw that you guys are fans of anime, what are your thoughts on the live action Dragonball movie they are making?
Bertrand : I’m not mad about manga, but I like it. I’m a bit skeptical about this project. It’s gonna be hard to translate such a popular and recognisable anime. I think that cinema has still technical limitations while anime doesn’t, even with the best effects. But I hope it’s gonna be a good surprise.

I am in love with this track, download and listen now!
Luck on Strike vs. Jackson & His Computer Band – Arpeggio

Luck on Strike 3 Song Demo sampler

Luck On Strike Myspace

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Revolte is yet another French electro producer who is more along the experimental side of this French electronic revival. He is in the company of Danger and Jackson & His Computer Band. Revolte has a very similar “sound collage” style as Jackson & His Computer Band with non-linear song structures and glitchy/noisey samples. Revolte actually collaborated with Danger on a track that is featured on Danger’s Myspace.

Here is some of that classic distorted French Touch that we all know and love courtsey of Justice.
Revolte- Flash Gordon Comes Back
This track is hats off to the original French Touch producers such as Alan Braxe and early Daft Punk.
Revolte – Chemical Passion

Here is another Danger track that I really love:
Danger – 14H54

Here is a great remix of our favorite iPod commercial song by Van She a great Austrailian electro band. Props to the whole electro scene down under especially Midnight Juggernauts who I shall be seeing with Justice Oct 20 in NYC. woot!
Feist – 1 2 3 4 (Van She Technologic Remix)

Daft Punk Alive 2007 Preview – Too Long X Steam Machine

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