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Tear Council : Anywhere

Two gentlemen from Van She, Matt Van Schie and Touch Sensitive team up again for a moody track, “Anywhere” under the moniker Tear Council. Prepare yourself as you dive head first into this Aussie duo’s deep feels.

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Music Video : Touch Sensitive “Pizza Guy”

Touch Sensitive is a fantastic moniker and Mikey from Van She has claimed it. “Pizza Guy” is his first single, a slow-mo-synth-boogie jam that is perfect to soundtrack your lazy n’ hazy summer nights.

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Music Video : Van She “Jamaica”

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Van She : Jamaica

Van She strikes with another tune from their upcoming album entitled “Jamaica”. It is everything you expect from a song with a title like that, it is a super smooth balaeric-disco tinged pop song that slides and glides over you like warm coconut oil. There are some serious Toto/10cc vibes on this track with a touch of Lone’s warm analog synth sounds. Quite a refreshing touch to today’s pop music landscape. #sunshine

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Van She x SebastiAn

Hello vintage bloghaus. This is quite a pairing to bring us all back to the ancient bloghaus days. A time when bangers ruled the web and leaked mp3s were scarce and gave power to those blogs that leaked it onto a pre-historic hypem. Do you remember those days? Van She in hand with SebastiAn takes us down nostalgia road with a remix of Van She’s latest single “Idea of Happiness”. It is everything we know and love about how SebastiAn can chop, distort, and compress a tune into its proper banger glory. I’m not mad – u mad?

#bangers #bloghaus #kidzbycolette #hipsterrunoff #thecobrasnake #mp3s #hypemachine

Download: Van She – Idea of Happiness (SebastiAn Remix)

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Music Video : Van She “Idea of Happiness”

lol. wut. lol.

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Van She : Idea of Happiness

The boys from Aussie are back in town – Van She’s first single “Idea of Happiness” off their sophomore album of the same name is a super concise synth pop song. It has warm synth sounds, hooky melodies and grandiose choruses – all things you expect from Van She. The album is out July 6 in Aus, July 9 EU/UK and July 10 in the US. Enjoy.

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Van She Technologic “Bootleg Bangers”

Van She Tech returns with a series of bootleg banger remixes of some of their fav tunes. First up is CeCe Peniston’s “Finally” mashed up with Daft Punk’s “Aerodynamite” – one of my fav Daft Punk B-sides. An overall super fun Bootleg Banger of an edit. For all of you lucky enough to be in Aussie this weekend, Van She Tech shall be DJing at the Splendour Festival and apparently will be dropping the next Van She single off their upcoming sophomore album.

CeCe MASTER by Van She Tech

FunkyTambourine VST Bootleg by Van She Tech

RumpShaker VST Mix by Van She Tech

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Cut Copy – Where I’m Going

An analog fever seems to be sweeping Australia with the Midnight Juggernauts moving into a warmer/psychedlic realm and the stoner rockers, Tame Impala making big moves around the world. Cut Copy follows suit and return with “Where I’m Going” – a very 70s tinged pop rock tune featuring Gary Glitter “Rock and Roll Part 2” Schaeffel Beat drums and over the top kids screaming “Yeah! Yeah!”. Next up is Van She, let’s see what they come up with next.

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Van She Invades NYC

My favorite Aussie band Van She is in NYC this week to play a few DJ gigs at Santos tomorrow night, 5.6.2010 and on an amazing bill at Brooklyn Bowl with Penguin Prison, Sat 5.8.2010. Cannot wait.

To hold all of you off check out this exclusive Asian Dan Mix courtesy the Van She Tech boys they crafted for me last year.

Das Pop – Underground (Van She Tech Club Mix)

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