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Van She : Jamaica

Van She strikes with another tune from their upcoming album entitled “Jamaica”. It is everything you expect from a song with a title like that, it is a super smooth balaeric-disco tinged pop song that slides and glides over you like warm coconut oil. There are some serious Toto/10cc vibes on this track with a touch of Lone’s warm analog synth sounds. Quite a refreshing touch to today’s pop music landscape. #sunshine

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Van She x SebastiAn

Hello vintage bloghaus. This is quite a pairing to bring us all back to the ancient bloghaus days. A time when bangers ruled the web and leaked mp3s were scarce and gave power to those blogs that leaked it onto a pre-historic hypem. Do you remember those days? Van She in hand with SebastiAn takes us down nostalgia road with a remix of Van She’s latest single “Idea of Happiness”. It is everything we know and love about how SebastiAn can chop, distort, and compress a tune into its proper banger glory. I’m not mad – u mad?

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Download: Van She – Idea of Happiness (SebastiAn Remix)

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Music Video : Van She “Idea of Happiness”

lol. wut. lol.

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Van She : Idea of Happiness

The boys from Aussie are back in town – Van She’s first single “Idea of Happiness” off their sophomore album of the same name is a super concise synth pop song. It has warm synth sounds, hooky melodies and grandiose choruses – all things you expect from Van She. The album is out July 6 in Aus, July 9 EU/UK and July 10 in the US. Enjoy.

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