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Holy Ghost! : Wait & See

Holy Ghost!’s debut LP is one of my favorite albums of the year. In the age of making indie-chic-disco-dance-rock-pop, Holy Ghost! shines with an album that is a genuine attempt in making synth music that respects the synth dance greats. The synth gods such as Depeche Mode, New Order and Giorgio Moroder all look down with approval at this album. Instead of exploiting the cheesy, fake plastic feeling of synthesizers and all that its culture embodies, Holy Ghost! proves that they are disco disciples that have studied every synth manual and vinyl they have ever laid their hands on.

Oh yea and they write some undeniably amazing melodies and hooks. Dance 😉

Holy Ghost! – Wait & See

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Redinho : Edge Off EP

Numbers is a label that releases quality music that refreshes electronic music, especially with acts like Kavrsave, Deadboy, and Rustie. Redinho is no less. He could definitely be the “mainstream” sounding act that will push Numbers to the forefront. His latest release the “Edge Off” EP is a collage of electronic genres. The title track is a big boogie bass jam full of talk-box hooks and fat synth stabs, imagine if Zapp & Roger
was produced by Timbaland in his heyday. “Slap” sounds like a juke remix of Squarepusher while “Power Look” and “Whips” are big bass dancefloor destroyers. Really wish I had caught Redinho live down in SXSW.

Redinho – Edge Off EP (Preview clips of NMBRS14) by Numbers

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Justice : Civilization

Justice strikes back with an epic homage to all things power rock. With the help of Mr. Ali Love on vocals they create a track that is part Queen’s “Flash Gordon Theme” and part dance rehearsal/training montage from an obscure 80s underdog movie. Hence the track being used in the new Adidas Campaign. Justice sounds as if they are really embracing that they are not a dance act anymore but a electronic duo parading in the rock world. I am interested to hear what else Justice has up their sleeves, I hope it sounds like late Led Zeppelin – especially “In The Light”, “The Wanton Song” and “Carouselambra”.

Your thoughts, blogosphere?


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Mystery Jets : Daria’s Dream

The Mystery Jets are working on their new album down in Austin, Texas in pursuit of that all American rock sound. It is a them fulfilling their musical manifest destiny as they move to the promise land to try to conquer the American musical landscape. They recently released the title single of off Serotonin with a Pink Floyd cover – a song that Pink Floyd composed for Michelangelo Antonioni’s 1970 cult film “Zabriskie Point”.

Mystery Jets – Daria’s Dream

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Yours Truly Presents The Stepkids “Other People’s Poetry Mix”

The Stepkids have re-kindled my love for all things fusion and funk stirred in with some amazing songwriting and musicianship, after seeing their stellar performance down at SXSW. Not to mention that they were also the chillest dudes to interview and hangout with. Be on the look out for an interview I did with them for KarmaLoop TV

The gentlemen of the Stepkids were kind enough to put together a mixtape for one my favorite blogs around these days, Yours Truly. It is a mix dedicated to their neighbor, Mike Faust who gave them advice and support, acting as the bands “father”. I must say he did a good job “raising” these gents into the band we hear today.

Download the mixtape over @ Yours Truly: The Stepkids – Other People’s Poetry Mix

Here is my favorite cut off the mixtape, a track that Jay-Z sampled for “Dear Summer”:

Weldon Irving – Morning Sunrise

For all you who couldn’t catch The Stepkids in SXSW come out to Littlefield in NYC to see them play with Emil & Friends.

The Stepkids + Emil & Friends @ Littlefield – Brooklyn, NY – 4.2.2011

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Music Video : SebastiAn – Embody

Oh it feels like the good ol’ bloghaus/electro days. All the blog greats are back at it 🙂

SebastiAn channels his Dam Funk, west coast boogie side with his first single off of “Total” entitled “Embody”.

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Thom Yorke x Burial x Four Tet

This amazing collaboration has finally happened. This is what “The King of Limbs” wanted to be. May tears of joy run down your face…

Thom Yorke x Burial x Four Tet – Mirror

Thom Yorke x Burial x Four Tet – Ego

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Adidas x Romain Gavras x Justice

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HIGH POWERED BOYS : Rippin’ Off Canvas mix

A proper mix of proper club music care of the High Powered Boys duo. This is some serious House/Garage/UK club music, a perfect direction for electronic/dance music to go. I am a big fan of their latest release “Work/Udon” which is out this Monday in Beatport and on March 28 everywhere else via Sound Pellegrino.

Download: HIGH POWERED BOYS : Rippin’ Off Canvas mix

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