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Gaspard Augé : Force Majeure

“Force Majeure” reveals what Gaspard Augé, 1/2 of Justice brings to their epic signature sound. The track highlights the ornate, 70s Prog, 80s training montage, 8bit video game start screen music side of Justice. It shows that Gaspard’s sensibility is all about bringing these pop culture references that he loves into any of the music he produces. “Escapades” is out June on Ed Banger.

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Music Video : Borussia “Kinda Love

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Mr. Oizo : Hand In the Fire EP

Bloghaus rises like a phoenix from the ashes with Mr. Oizo on it’s back flying straight into mainstream radio land. A solid and absurd EP from Oizo. I would not expect anything less of him.

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Breakbot : Back For More

The prince of the smooth funk is back and ready to unleash “Still Waters” in 2016! Get ready.

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Ed Wreck : Kindness

Ed Wreck – Kindness by Ed Wreck on Mixcloud

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Breakbot : Programme

Breakbot’s first ever full length album “By Your Side” will be out in September of this year 2012. “Programme” is the B-side to the first single and it is quite a 70s smooth rock jam. Just imagine if The Doobie Brothers and Steely Dan decided to score a film together in the mid 80s – this would be the title credits music. So much smooth guitar and synth, I love it.

Download: Breakbot – Programme

PS. Mr. Breakbot if you need a bassist for your live set – holler at your boy 😉

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Mickey Moonlight : Promo Mixtape (Part 2)

Mickey Moonlight’s debut LP is out today on Ed Banger entitled “And The Time Axis Manipulation Corporation”. Mr. Moonlight has proven himself to be the most eccentric and versatile of the Ed Banger posse with his extreme musical tastes and eclectic DJ sets. He is capable of destroying dancefloors with mixes like this but is also to woo you into a trance with very introspective songs, so I expect his LP to fall somewhere in between – with his take on some psychedelic-hypnotic-disco-house that will move minds, hearts and feet all at once.

Mickey Moonlight crafted this Promo Mixtape (Part 2) as the antithesis to his club sets. Instead he throws in everything from Arthur Russell to clips from Twin Peaks to a synth cover of “Claire de Lune” to psychedlic-cheese-party-funk. So prepare yourself to be taken on a sci-fi sonic trip.

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Mr. Oizo : France7

Oizo returns with “France7” a track from his upcoming album, “Stade 2”. It is the usual yet so awesome Mr. Oizo that we all know and love. Imagine a synth that is farting and dying at the same time that producing this mutated funky acid that is slowly inchworming its way onto the dancefloor. It’s fucking weird but way too fucking cool.

MR OIZO / FRANCE7 by oizo mr 3000

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Justice : Civilization

Justice strikes back with an epic homage to all things power rock. With the help of Mr. Ali Love on vocals they create a track that is part Queen’s “Flash Gordon Theme” and part dance rehearsal/training montage from an obscure 80s underdog movie. Hence the track being used in the new Adidas Campaign. Justice sounds as if they are really embracing that they are not a dance act anymore but a electronic duo parading in the rock world. I am interested to hear what else Justice has up their sleeves, I hope it sounds like late Led Zeppelin – especially “In The Light”, “The Wanton Song” and “Carouselambra”.

Your thoughts, blogosphere?


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Squarepusher x Ed Banger Records : Shobaleader One

WHAT?! Total mind explosion as Mr. Tom Jenkinson aka Squarepusher, one of my top 3 bassists of all time is about to release a new project through Ed Banger Records. A big and legitimate step for Ed Banger as they continue their quest to prove they are more than side-chained compression and square waves. Shobaleader One is out at the end of August and will also a feature a remix by Mr. Oizo (?!). I am quite excited for this new found collaboration.

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