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Music Video : High Powered Boys “Streetwise”

90’s Rave Vibes courtesy of the High Powered Boys

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HIGH POWERED BOYS : Rippin’ Off Canvas mix

A proper mix of proper club music care of the High Powered Boys duo. This is some serious House/Garage/UK club music, a perfect direction for electronic/dance music to go. I am a big fan of their latest release “Work/Udon” which is out this Monday in Beatport and on March 28 everywhere else via Sound Pellegrino.

Download: HIGH POWERED BOYS : Rippin’ Off Canvas mix

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High Powered Boys – Highway

The dynamic duo – Surkin & Bobmo return with a new High Powered Boys track “Highway”. Only the finest in old school vibes from these two French Youngins’.

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HOT CITY – Head Work

Hot City is the right blend of classic house, two-step, garage and everything in between – in other words it will get people dancing. Hot City’s subtlely and simplicity is what makes the tracks work so well. I just discovered Hot City 2 weeks ago (via Mr. @electrodrone) and am very impressed. I love the glitched ot synths and vocals. Check out “Hot City Bass” and “Sweat” here they totally remind me of Surkin & Bobmo’s, High Powered Boys. (speaking of what are they up to?)

Hot City – Head Work


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Asian Dan Presents: Astrolabe’s 5 Minute Minimix

Asian Dan Presents: Astrolabe’s 5 Minute Asian Dan Minimix
Astrolabe Myspace

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MSTRKRFT x High Powered Boys

Bobmo x Surkin

MSTRKRFT – Bounce (High Powered Boys Remix)

Get, get, get, get, get, get down.
Up, Up, Up, Up, Down, Down.
Bounce, bounce, low, high, bounce, bounce, high, low.

Cheers, Corporate Bloggin

I’ll be at the Toronto show, so see you there. I can’t wait for Jean Nipon. Check out Jean Nipon’s Asian Dan Minimix and an interview.

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