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Jean Nipon : Raisin

Jean Nipon latest track “Raisin” is a nod to all the elements of UK club music. With a heavy emphasis on bass music, House sprinkled with some techno and 2-step vibes, Jean Nipon creates an interesting track that pays tribute to “Windowlicker”.

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Jean Nipon : LoveTape #1 “Amour Rapide”

Jean Nipon graces us with a 20 min mix entitled, LoveTape #1 “Amour Rapide”. He digs into some sexy bass jams that put out that good vibe. Yeaaaaaa.

Eliphino – I Just Can’t

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Asian Dan Presents Jean Nipon “International Meek” Mix

Jean Nipon is releasing a his “International Meek” EP on 1.10.2011 on Institubes featuring 2 new tracks and 2 remixes by Tony Senghore and French Fries. In honor of this new EP here is brand new 30 min mix by Mr. Nipon. Definitely a treat that I have been looking forward to for quite a while especially with such great mixes that are circulating on the web by him like the Asian Dan Presents Jean Nipon “No Sex Last Night” Minimix. I will let this new mix’s tracklist speak for itself as Jean Nipon delves deep into House. Enjoy!

Download: Jean Nipon – International Meek Mix (
Jean Nipon – International Meek Mix (

International Meek Release 1.15.2011 Party Flyer
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Jean Nipon x Sixpack: Fire Walk With Me

In a time when the blogosphere is overly saturated and overly compressed like all our favorite banger tracks, it is refreshing to know that a DJ/producer such as Jean Nipon exists and is on the quest to bring quality music to our ears and dancefloors. A DJ that is out to moves minds, hearts and feet.

Jean Nipon teams up with Sixpack to release his latest mix, “Fire Walk With Me”. A collection of tunes that Jean Nipon describes as “like my bedroom soundtrack with no commercial sense. There is nothing to promote here. Just take the car, cruise, and push play.” Any mix that includes Todd Rundgren, Fleetwood Mac, and Yes – I support so buy the CD and Shirt here.

Be sure to check out this Fairtilizer Interview with Jean Nipon where he gives some insight into his musical mind.

“Free music or paying music, bad music and good music; for youngsters, it’s all on the same level. You don’t have to look for the grail anymore. You are no longer forced to have the “intention” to create your own musical quest, your own musical identity.”Jean Nipon

Download: Jean Nipon “Fire Walk With Me” Teaser”

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Jean Nipon: Boulet Hardersmix

Jean Nipon strikes back with yet another 30 min mix exclusively made for Belgium’s own Party Harders. Jean Nipon needs to make monthly mixes to keep us all entertained – always the finest track selection and mixing.

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Nouveau Yorican (Laidback Luke & DJ Gina Turner) x Jean Nipon

Jean Nipon is back! With an edit of Laidback Luke and DJ Gina Turner’s latest collab, Nouveau Yorican out on Sound Pellegrino now. We all want stuff from your Jean Nipon, anything will do, mixes, remixes, edits, new tracks! I still listen to that minimix he made Asian Dan 2 years ago, listen here

Nouveau Yorican- Boriqua (Jean Nipon Bootleg Edit)

Via Mad Decent Blog

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Lost In Music

Mr. Nipon will be releasing a new EP entitled “Wild At Heart” on Institubes. Here is that awesome track in that wild ass music video, Lost in Music.

Jean Nipon – Lost In Music

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Music Video: Jean Nipon – Lost In Music

Awesome blue screen.

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Jean Nipon’s Freedom Fries Mix


Jean Nipon’s Freedom Fries Mix

“Features exclusives such as his new single ‘4WD’, a remix by Bobmo of Surkin’s ‘Kid Gloves’, a snippet of Teki’s verse from Orgasmic’s take on ‘White Knight Two’, a taste of Laidback Luke’s remix, Feadz’ track from the upcoming Eurogirls go to Baltimore part II comp, David Rubato’s remix of ‘Lights Out’ by Santogold and some other goodies.”

Cheers, The Fader

jean nipon – 4WD
surkin – kid gloves (bobmo remix)
patrice baumel – roar jean nipon edit
santogold – lights out (david rubato remix)
machine dont care – beatbang
laidback luke – show (nipon megamix)
dance works – bring da funk
rihanna – dont stop the music – KW griff rmx
dj feadz – cold as ice (next eurogirls comp)
foamo – everything cool
a babyruth bar for the first one who’ll find the name-
the virgins – fernando pando
lucio battisti – amarsi un po
orgasmic, teki latex & cuizinier – white knight two
paul johnson – u got me on
desmond & the tutus – kiss u on the cheek – king of town remix

Jean Nipon’s Asian Dan Minimix

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MSTRKRFT x High Powered Boys

Bobmo x Surkin

MSTRKRFT – Bounce (High Powered Boys Remix)

Get, get, get, get, get, get down.
Up, Up, Up, Up, Down, Down.
Bounce, bounce, low, high, bounce, bounce, high, low.

Cheers, Corporate Bloggin

I’ll be at the Toronto show, so see you there. I can’t wait for Jean Nipon. Check out Jean Nipon’s Asian Dan Minimix and an interview.

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