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Van She x Holy Ghost!

I think Van She did an amazing job covering such a cult classic of a tune now Holy Ghost! reworks this tune into a slow burner of a disco tune. Rejoice there is a cowbell in this version!

Download: Van She – ((Don’t Fear) The Reaper [HOLY GHOST’S B-LIVE MIX]

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Van She – (Don’t Fear) The Reaper

Van She has teamed up with Bacardi B-Live, another great company that is tastefully aligning themselves with important contemporary cultural movements and artists along with Scion (I am not getting paid to plug them, just love what they are doing). Van She decides to cover Blue Oyster Cult’s “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper” WITHOUT Cowbell, which maybe blasphemy but they do an amazing job transforming the track into a modern sounding synth drenched pop tune. I love the classic Van She Tech lush synths that kick in during the 2nd half of the tune. Be on the lookout for the Holy Ghost! remix of this cover.

Van She – (Don’t Fear) The Reaper

“Well that song has such a nice vibe to it and the harmonies in the lah lah lah section are so warm and care free, then it drops into that beautiful tube/tape sounding guitar which leaves you in this gap of contemplation and you just sit there with your headphones on going ” laaa lalaaalala “. we also chose it because a lot of people i know think the song is quite gothic and proggy, which it is due to blue oysters style, but i also think the song is very amazing lyrically and beautiful and i guess it didn’t feel like it totally comes across in their version unless you read the lyrics. so i thought we could do a version that sounded like what we interpreted the lyrics to be … romantic and deep and uplifting as well. we love the song a lot as well which also had something to do with it.” – Van She (via

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Matt Van Schie “Saturday Night”

Matt Van Schie of Van She has released a track of his own for free on the interwebs. It reminds me of The Buggles especially during the chorus. It has a very nerdy 80s rock vibe, I feel it.

Matt Van Schie – Saturday Night

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Asian Dan Exclusive Van She Tech Minimix + Interview

I found out through twitter that, Van She, one of my favorite Modular Records bands follows the b-log 🙂 Van She Tech was kind enough to put together an exclusive 26 min minimix for Asian Dan that showcases their ability to move hearts, minds, and feet. Nick also answered a few questions about Van She’s musical history, revealing that Hall & Oates’ “Private Eyes” is one of their favorite dance tracks. Anyone who says that understands music the true meaning of music in my mind.

Download: Asian Dan Exclusive Van She Tech Minimix

Asian Dan Interview: Van She

1. Who is Van She?

Van She is Nicky, Michael, Tomek and Matthew
Van She Tech is Nicky and Michael

2. How would you describe your music?

Krautrock/Pop i guess

3. What are your biggest influences? What was your first musical memory?

Well Mikey is Italian and his father was into Italo Disco and all the classics, Matt loves krauterock and Punk Funk like Liquid Liquid and Konk and Tomek and I grew up listening to MJ, Icehouse, INXS and all the seventies stuff … So we are all pretty different in backgrounds … I remember my first cassette tape was Icehouse electric blue and bananarama and MJ Bad … It was a 3 for the price of 1 deal

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Housse De Racket x Van She

Housse De Racket – Synthetiseur (Van She Remix)

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Das Pop – Underground

I love this tune. So pop. Das Pop!

Busy P goes Crookers.
Das Pop – Underground (Busy P Remix)

Das Pop – Underground (Van She Club Remix)

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Revolte is yet another French electro producer who is more along the experimental side of this French electronic revival. He is in the company of Danger and Jackson & His Computer Band. Revolte has a very similar “sound collage” style as Jackson & His Computer Band with non-linear song structures and glitchy/noisey samples. Revolte actually collaborated with Danger on a track that is featured on Danger’s Myspace.

Here is some of that classic distorted French Touch that we all know and love courtsey of Justice.
Revolte- Flash Gordon Comes Back
This track is hats off to the original French Touch producers such as Alan Braxe and early Daft Punk.
Revolte – Chemical Passion

Here is another Danger track that I really love:
Danger – 14H54

Here is a great remix of our favorite iPod commercial song by Van She a great Austrailian electro band. Props to the whole electro scene down under especially Midnight Juggernauts who I shall be seeing with Justice Oct 20 in NYC. woot!
Feist – 1 2 3 4 (Van She Technologic Remix)

Daft Punk Alive 2007 Preview – Too Long X Steam Machine

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