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Asian Dan Exclusive Van She Tech Minimix + Interview

I found out through twitter that, Van She, one of my favorite Modular Records bands follows the b-log 🙂 Van She Tech was kind enough to put together an exclusive 26 min minimix for Asian Dan that showcases their ability to move hearts, minds, and feet. Nick also answered a few questions about Van She’s musical history, revealing that Hall & Oates’ “Private Eyes” is one of their favorite dance tracks. Anyone who says that understands music the true meaning of music in my mind.

Download: Asian Dan Exclusive Van She Tech Minimix

Asian Dan Interview: Van She

1. Who is Van She?

Van She is Nicky, Michael, Tomek and Matthew
Van She Tech is Nicky and Michael

2. How would you describe your music?

Krautrock/Pop i guess

3. What are your biggest influences? What was your first musical memory?

Well Mikey is Italian and his father was into Italo Disco and all the classics, Matt loves krauterock and Punk Funk like Liquid Liquid and Konk and Tomek and I grew up listening to MJ, Icehouse, INXS and all the seventies stuff … So we are all pretty different in backgrounds … I remember my first cassette tape was Icehouse electric blue and bananarama and MJ Bad … It was a 3 for the price of 1 deal

4. There is Van She the band and Van She Tech, production/remixing team – what are the big differences in how you approach the music making process with each?

Well usually we only get about 3 days or less to do remixes so we just jam until we like something then cut it into the session …. The band is alot more obscure really … I have no idea how we right songs … We just do somehow … I guess we all sit in front of some drum machines and synths and belt something out

5. I am a huge fan of your Van She Tech Remixes especially the Feist and Das Pop ones – any interesting stories on any of your remixes?

Actually the weirdest remix we did was for I Am Finn … We were supposed to do a remix for another band and we got the parts and Mikey was like .. Man ! The parts sound nothing like the song, but we did it anyway and finished it in a week … So we sent it to the artist first and said do you like it and he was like ! Um man this isn’t my song !? So we contacted the manager and he was really embarrassed because he sent us the parts for another one of his bands, but it turned out he liked it so much he used it for the other band I Am Finn, whom i have never heard of still for some weird reason ? Yeah weird .

What is your favorite remix that you have made?

Actually probably the recent one Rappers Delight … We did it in 3 days and it just happened to come off the desk like it is .. Not much editing at all … and the Feist remix because she was really cool

6. So many artists have remixed your music – which is your favorite? I love what Breakbot did to Kelly.

Shit they are all great but maybe the M83 mix is epic and good to relax too … His stuff is always on point and has the right amount of Nostalgia

7. I believe that Music’s 3 main goals are to “Move Hearts, Minds, and Feet” – how would rank these 3 in importance in your music?

I think the feet follow the heart then the mind stops to get water so maybe the Heart is the best

8. What are your top 5 tracks that you put on to dance?

Daryl Hall & John Oates – Private Eyes
Herbert – Moving Like A Train (Smith N Hack Remix)
He’s So Shy – Pointer Sisters
I Will Come Back – Holy Ghost! ( This song is great at the moment to dance to )
Any Shadowdancer track is mad

9. Future plans for Van She?

Some shows and new record after we get back from Central America


Runaroud Sue – Dion & The Belmonts
Together – Shadow Dancer
Once Again – Popmuschi VSTEdit
La Musique – Riota in Belgium (Acca)
Synthetiseur – Housse De Racket (Van She Tech Remix)
Starlette – BB&Q Band ( Van She Edit )
Hot Chocolate – Heaven Is In The Backseat Of My Cadillac (The Revenge Rework)
Mind Warp – Patrick Cowley + E=MC2 – Georgio Moroder (Acca)
Gravitys Rainbow – Klaxons (Acca)
Sexual City (Vemixed) – Van She
1234 – Fiest (Acca)
RappersDelight -Evian Van She Tech mix
I’m In Love With You – The Paradise
Original FF 2
Rich Boys (The Virgins Cover)
He’s So Shy – The Pointer Sisters

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