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Collarbones is an Aussie electronic-experimental duo that understands how to sprinkle sunshine and good summer vibes through the use of of chopped up and sampled vocals that would make Dam-Funk proud. Also when you list the famous Greek mathe-musician Iannis Xenakis and Erykah Badu as influences on your myspace, you will definitely catch my attention.

“Beaman Park” is the second single off their upcoming album “Iconography”. It is a track that slowly filters in and “tunes-in” like your favorite 70s FM pop-funk song as it is slowly chopped and screwed into a a hypnotic summer groove laced with vocals that float over this visceral robo-funk. Be sure to download the “Beaman Park” EP, a great way to spend 13 and a half minutes of your life via their Bandcamp site for whatever price you name.

Collarbones – Beaman Park

Cheers to Transparent Blog for turning me onto this duo.

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Phoenix: Live at The Wireless 2009

Photo by The Cobra Snake

Phoenix live is a totally different animal – raw and rocking. It all comes to life when Thomas Hedlund steps behind that drum kit. Here is a little souvenir for all of you who witnessed them live 🙂

Download: Phoenix: Live at The Wireless 2009 – Sydney, Australia

Tracklist :
01. Intro
02. Lisztomania
03. Long Distance Call
04. Consolation Prizes
05. Rally
06. Sometimes in the Fall
07. Love Like A Sunset Part 1
08. Love Like A Sunset Part 2
09. Too Young
10. Rome
11. 1901
12. Back Announce

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Asian Dan Exclusive Van She Tech Minimix + Interview

I found out through twitter that, Van She, one of my favorite Modular Records bands follows the b-log 🙂 Van She Tech was kind enough to put together an exclusive 26 min minimix for Asian Dan that showcases their ability to move hearts, minds, and feet. Nick also answered a few questions about Van She’s musical history, revealing that Hall & Oates’ “Private Eyes” is one of their favorite dance tracks. Anyone who says that understands music the true meaning of music in my mind.

Download: Asian Dan Exclusive Van She Tech Minimix

Asian Dan Interview: Van She

1. Who is Van She?

Van She is Nicky, Michael, Tomek and Matthew
Van She Tech is Nicky and Michael

2. How would you describe your music?

Krautrock/Pop i guess

3. What are your biggest influences? What was your first musical memory?

Well Mikey is Italian and his father was into Italo Disco and all the classics, Matt loves krauterock and Punk Funk like Liquid Liquid and Konk and Tomek and I grew up listening to MJ, Icehouse, INXS and all the seventies stuff … So we are all pretty different in backgrounds … I remember my first cassette tape was Icehouse electric blue and bananarama and MJ Bad … It was a 3 for the price of 1 deal

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My new Asian Dan intern, @samisateenager suggested that I check out BMX. I’ll let Sam introduce you all to them. BMX is good summer music, definitely feel-good tunes you can just put on and chill in the sun.

“Here is a really cool Australian band I discovered through BIGSTEREO last year, when they didn’t even had a MySpace page. They are producing some really great disco new-wave tracks. The band also remixed Valerie’s Anoraak with his track “Nightdrive with you”. Check out their other tracks at their myspace here:

BMX – Theme To BMX (Free City Remix)

BMX – WAR (Mr. Mittens Remix)

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Daft Punk x Nevereverland 2007

Cheers, Let The Music Play

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Ladyhawke x Cut Copy

Here is a fantastic Oceania collaboration, Cut Copy remixing Ladyhawke. I am a big fan of Ladyhawke remixes especially the Fred Falke remix and this one is just as good. Thoughts??

Ladyhawke -Paris is Burning (Cut Copy Remix) (yousendit)

Ladyhawke – Paris is Burning (Cut Copy Remix) (zshare)

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