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Collarbones is an Aussie electronic-experimental duo that understands how to sprinkle sunshine and good summer vibes through the use of of chopped up and sampled vocals that would make Dam-Funk proud. Also when you list the famous Greek mathe-musician Iannis Xenakis and Erykah Badu as influences on your myspace, you will definitely catch my attention.

“Beaman Park” is the second single off their upcoming album “Iconography”. It is a track that slowly filters in and “tunes-in” like your favorite 70s FM pop-funk song as it is slowly chopped and screwed into a a hypnotic summer groove laced with vocals that float over this visceral robo-funk. Be sure to download the “Beaman Park” EP, a great way to spend 13 and a half minutes of your life via their Bandcamp site for whatever price you name.

Collarbones – Beaman Park

Cheers to Transparent Blog for turning me onto this duo.

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