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Collarbones : The Cut

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Collarbones : Turning

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Collarbones : Atlantis 2014

A collection of 5 introspective songs by the the Australian duo, Collarbones. Dive deep into their latest vibes.

Download: Collarbones – Atlantis 2014

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Black Vanilla : Call Your Husband

Black Vanilla is a collaboration between Collarbones + GUERRE + DJ Plead. “Call Your Husband” is a slinky RnB jam that is a great accompaniment to your steamy summer nights. Vibe with it.

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Collarbones : Hypothermia (Feat. Guerre)

Collarbones’ sophomore album “Die Young” is out September 28, “Hypothermia” is the 2nd single from the album that is a hyper emotional rave track. The duo brands this track “Internet Rave” – a suitable term for this track with its borrowed nostalgia for 90s rave breaks and emo vocals. This is some serious #REAL #FEELS, prepare yourself for this Internet Rave and take a big hit of this .mp3….

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Collarbones : Missing

The Aussie duo, Collarbones return with a new track from their upcoming album “Die Young” which will be out this Sept. “Missing” is the first track off their sophomore album which delves deeper into this neo-RnB-bass genre that is constantly mutating. Let’s bring on the deep vibes…

Download: Collarbones – Missing

Also checkout this throwback post from 2010, Asian Dan Presents Collarbones “Brown Sugar” Mix + Q&A

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Asian Dan Presents Collarbones “Brown Sugar” Mix + Q&A

Photo by Lucien Alperstein

The Aussie duo, Collarbones have been making some moves on the web these past weeks, making their rounds in the blogosphere and getting mentioned on Pitchfork’s Forkcast. Travis and Marcus were kind enough to put together an 11 min mix, a deconstructed pastiche of some of their favorite songs at the moment. Imagine combing through the AM/FM frequency that comprises of the formula that equates to the duo’s sonic experiment. Check out a Q&A introduction into the musical masterminds behind, Collarbones.

Download Collarbones “Beaman Park” EP over at

Download: Asian Dan Presents Collarbones “Brown Sugar” Mix

Asian Dan Q&A: Collarbones

1. Who is Collarbones? How would you describe your music?
Collarbones is a front for drug dealing and prostitution. We have fabricated a backstory about being an Australian electronic music duo in order to cover up our cocaine affiliations. Gotta move those bricks. We’re a “trans-state” collaboration because we have to hustle drugs back and forth. Travis Cook’s real name is Reginald Perineum and Marcus Whale’s real name is Hugh Manatee. You have to keep people guessing when you’re a fugitive, you know how it is. We would describe our music as browave with eurodance influences. We are what “sincerity” feels like.

2. What was your first musical memory?
Travis: I remember dancing to Lithium by Nirvana in my bib. I barely learnt how to walk. There’s a video of it somewhere.

Marcus: I don’t know. My latest musical memory is watching Simo Soo and a room of 20 people flailing and screaming to really overdriven beats.

3. What are your influences, musical or otherwise?
Werner Herzog, Soul Glo, sidechain compression, Cole Mohr, eggplant, the way Jaden Smith dances, Andre Leon Talley, Bobb Trimble, Ciara.
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Collarbones is an Aussie electronic-experimental duo that understands how to sprinkle sunshine and good summer vibes through the use of of chopped up and sampled vocals that would make Dam-Funk proud. Also when you list the famous Greek mathe-musician Iannis Xenakis and Erykah Badu as influences on your myspace, you will definitely catch my attention.

“Beaman Park” is the second single off their upcoming album “Iconography”. It is a track that slowly filters in and “tunes-in” like your favorite 70s FM pop-funk song as it is slowly chopped and screwed into a a hypnotic summer groove laced with vocals that float over this visceral robo-funk. Be sure to download the “Beaman Park” EP, a great way to spend 13 and a half minutes of your life via their Bandcamp site for whatever price you name.

Collarbones – Beaman Park

Cheers to Transparent Blog for turning me onto this duo.

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