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The Beatles x Sei A

This maybe be blasphemy to remix/cover The Beatles but somehow Glasgow’s Sei A makes it work and does it quite tastefully. His remixes of Tiga’s “Overtime” and Jori Hulkkonen are dark and deep techno tracks but for this Beatles cover he takes a simpler very Burial-esque route. Very hypnotic and it just turns up the melancholic nature of the original tune proving that The Beatles could touch every emotion on the emotional spectrum.

Sei A – A Day in The Life

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Panico x Jackson & His Computer Band

So Me x Jackson x DJ Mehdi

Busy P Lumix Photo blog

Jackson Fourgeaud aka Jackson & His Computer Band returns with a remix of the Chilean band, Panico. This is his first remix since remixing Justice pop hit D.A.N.C.E into an epic pastiche opus. Jackson cuts and mashes this Pancio track into what sounds like Aphex Twin as an 80s metal band. I can’t wait for Jackson & His Computer Band’s next album.
Panico – Illumination (Jackson Remix)

Other News:

The Beatles – Carnival of Light
“Sir Paul said he was fond of the track, which was inspired by experimental composers John Cage and Karlheinz Stockhausen: “I like it because it’s The Beatles free, going off piste.”
BBC x The Beatles

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Asian Dan Presents Jean Nipon’s "No Sex Last Nite Mix" + Interview

Asian Dan Presents Jean Nipon’s “No Sex Last Nite Mix” – 5 Minute Minimix

Kate Perry – Use Your Love
Sedat – The Turkish Avenger
Surkin – Next of Kin (Laidback Luke remix)
DJ Rob 3 – The Chase (Nipon edit)
CZR – Groove to This
DJ PJ – Too Much Monkey
Billie Idol – Eyes Without a Face

Asian Dan Interviews: Jean Nipon

1. Who is Jean Nipon? What is your background? What is it like to be part of the Institubes family?
I’m a DJ, producer, and omelette eater.
I used to be drummer for some straight edge bands, then more emo or noise.
Institubes is such a great team, cuz we’re all different but we share the same love for ghetto music and shitty F.M. music. Its like: we do mainstream music but for specific people 🙂

2. What are your influences, musical or otherwise?
My main influence is girls, how you get them and how they throw you away. Then its a mix between Descendents, Technotronic, Don Caballerro, Prince, Johnnie to, Minor threat, Knut Hamsun, Saul Steinberg, Céline, KRS one, Tyree Cooper and some Joe Walsh. The best if you want to do some house music its to listen the complete opposite; like this you have more chance to create something original.

3. What is your DJ philosophy? Your production style?
When I play I always try to avoid playing the obvious stuff. The challenge is to entertain the crowd with some obscure gems. Like an old piano house track or maybe throw some 70’s hard rock. Anyway if the girls keep jumpin’ its all good. So whatever I play I must please the ladies. When I produce I think “Can I play this tune without thinking” so its often a matter of reduction. Less hi hat, less synth, less breaks. Tryin’ to obtain the core of a good dance track. It never come easy.

4. What are your top 5 songs that make you want to dance?
Oh boy! Ok so for this moment it would be:

1-Gemini- Stand Up
2-Prince – Pop Life
3-Jess and Crabbe- In Your Ear
4-James Gang – Walk Away
5-Beatles- Twist and fuckin’ Shout

5. What are you listening to right now that you can’t get enough of? What is the next big thing?
Well right now I don’t know . Everyday I discover some old electro disco jams with some crazy sounds into, so I’m not excited about a lot of new things; but wait oh yeah I’m into hardhouse again !! Dudes like DJ Trajic or Less Furious CZR. For me this music from the past is still the next future. Now the glam electro pop and guitar stuff are on the top, but I think the answer will come from the ghetto music.

6. Future plans?
Next will be the “Eurogirls go Baltimore” Vol. 2 with DJ Orgasmic and many guests? It will be hugely stoopid? And on September my ep “Wild at Heart” on Institubes.

Jean Nipon MyspaceArtwork by frnkcois

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It is 1:10 AM EST, are you staying up all night to wait for the morning in the UK? I am! We all have waited way too long for a new Radiohead album, let us all rejoice!

1:28 AM – EMAIL with Download link!!! RADIOHEAD – IN RAINBOWS!!! Listening!!!

1:54 AM – 4 Tracks in, the basslines are amazing, Arpeggi is gorgeous, weaving guitars, solid drumming.

1:59 AM – All I Need – Is Questlove playing drums? Phil Selway has let the inner groovemeister out. Hypnotic grooves & a lot of glockenspiel.

2:02 AM – Faust Arp – Beatlesque. “Julia”

2:05 AM – Reckoner – whoa this does not sound anything like the older live version they use to play. So many vocal harmonies for a Radiohead album. The string arrangements are gorgeous.

2:10 AM – Neil Young would be proud of this album. I was hoping for more a of dub/reggae vibe after Jonny Greenwood said for 6 months straight all he listened to was the entire Trojan Records Catalog.

Jonny Greenwood Is the Controller
2:14 AM – Colin & Phil really shine on this album. I am impressed how tight they are. Jigsaw Falling Into Place is a prime example. Very motorik, Neu! sounding.

2:18 AM – In Rainbows comes to a close, Videotape. Wow Phil’s drumming.

Okay, time for this to all sink in. I shall give this another listen in the morning with fresh ears.
Cheers Radiohead.

Oh and look at the trend Radiohead started.

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George is my favorite Beatle.


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