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It is 1:10 AM EST, are you staying up all night to wait for the morning in the UK? I am! We all have waited way too long for a new Radiohead album, let us all rejoice!

1:28 AM – EMAIL with Download link!!! RADIOHEAD – IN RAINBOWS!!! Listening!!!

1:54 AM – 4 Tracks in, the basslines are amazing, Arpeggi is gorgeous, weaving guitars, solid drumming.

1:59 AM – All I Need – Is Questlove playing drums? Phil Selway has let the inner groovemeister out. Hypnotic grooves & a lot of glockenspiel.

2:02 AM – Faust Arp – Beatlesque. “Julia”

2:05 AM – Reckoner – whoa this does not sound anything like the older live version they use to play. So many vocal harmonies for a Radiohead album. The string arrangements are gorgeous.

2:10 AM – Neil Young would be proud of this album. I was hoping for more a of dub/reggae vibe after Jonny Greenwood said for 6 months straight all he listened to was the entire Trojan Records Catalog.

Jonny Greenwood Is the Controller

2:14 AM – Colin & Phil really shine on this album. I am impressed how tight they are. Jigsaw Falling Into Place is a prime example. Very motorik, Neu! sounding.

2:18 AM – In Rainbows comes to a close, Videotape. Wow Phil’s drumming.

Okay, time for this to all sink in. I shall give this another listen in the morning with fresh ears.
Cheers Radiohead.

Pitchfork’s extensive guide to In Rainbows, how hip.

Oh and look at the trend Radiohead started.


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