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Phoenix : Be Cool (EMiL Remix)

The artist formerly known as Emil & Friends has leveled up to now just Emil and returns with a remix of the #relevant single from everyone’s favorite French band, Phoenix and their single “Trying To Be Cool”. Emil’s take really highlights the crisp sunny vibes and finds a nice middle ground between smooth and bloghaus banger. Not only did Emil remix but he decided to team up with his longtime illustrator friend Chris DeLorenzo to create a very Pee Wee’s Adventure style animated video. Watch the video above, stream and download the remix below.

If you are in NYC, come check out Emil & Friends at The Studio at Webster Hall on August 15.

Download: Phoenix – Be Cool (EMiL Remix)

“A lot of my friends are on the road, playing late night TV shows, or they’re on set with a busy crew filming till they can’t stay awake, or they’re in the office or classroom working hard with a lot to show for it everyday. They wonder what I’ve been up to in the studio, and surely a lot of them are quite nervous for me. It is exciting to know the opportunity is coming to share everything I’ve been assembling in the bat cave. But not yet…still loads to be done… plus I want 2 hit the beach.” – Emil

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Emil & Friends : SXSW daydreams mixtape special

“A lot of people said they couldn’t make it to SXSW because they were busy cooking up a new album. In some cases, this might be true. Spot some favorite classic vinyl drum breaks mixed with some live bass and synth to this animated video short of a Texas daydream, drenched in analog.” – Emil

Come to Glasslands in Williamsburg, BK Wednesday April 10 to check out Emil & Friends live.

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Emil & Friends : vlog volume ii

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Emil & Friends : Astral Projection (Valentine’s Day Special)

Buy the Vampire Bites EP now.

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Emil & Friends Live @ Glasslands, BK – Friday – January 11, 2013

Join me and the team tomorrow night at Glasslands in Williamsburg as we play our first show of 2013. It will be a fun one with a lot of surprises. Neighbors and Silent Rider will be opening up! Buy tickets now here. See you there!

Check out these acoustic versions of “Royal Oats” & “Ali Baba” that we played in Paper Mag’s kitchen.

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Emil & Friends : Internal Affairs

Kitsune just released the Emil & Friends “Royal Oats” EP this past week and it is quite a fam jam of a release featuring remixes by Dubka, Radial and DVNO. Included was a new track entitled “Internal Affairs” which is a nod to some of the French Touch forefathers such as Alan Braxe & Fred Falke, especially with that super slick bassline. Emil injects his modern synth pop vibes into the track while painting a surreal picture of a detective on the prowl. Check out the multi-panel music video for “Internal Affairs” that depicts a non-chalant Emil doing his musical thing.

Kitsune Blog – Emil & Friends “Royal Oats” EP Out Now

Purchase the “Royal Oats” EP on iTunes
Purchase the “Royal Oats” EP on Beatport

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Emil & Friends : “Royal Oats” EP + Minimix

“I sow my royal oats with you…”

Excited to announce that Emil & Friends is back with Kitsuné to release a “Royal Oats” (the track off the Kitsuné America Comp) along with a new track “Internal Affairs” and three fantastic remixes from some lovely internet homies of mine. Dubka provides a super slick disco funk remix, Radial turns the song into a big synth pop banger and DVNO transforms “Royal Oats” into a track that sounds like it should be the theme song to John Hughes 90s Ferris Bueller sequel that never came to be. Please give this mini-mix a listen that I helped put together and pick up the release October 22!

Kitsuné Journal : New EP : Emil & Friends “Royal Oats” EP

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Emil & Friends : You Can (Body Language Cover)

Yet another Emil & Friends cover/remix that borders being better than the original track. This time Emil takes on Body Language’s RnB jammy jam, “You Can” which delves deeper into that slinky balearic RnB zone. D’Angelo watch out, there is a new set of abs in town.

“This original body language song is a sparkler, that is for sure. When I sit down and try to put a spin on a song that means a lot to me, it is either easy as pie or painstakingly difficult to accomplish. This one just bubbled up nice and quick. I wanted to take the song, slow it down, give it a hall and oates meets the xx meets junior boys meets bon iver meets aeroplane vibe. I listened to a lot of Kind of Blue- by miles davis, when mixing the track which got me in the mood to really remove all the arbitrary elements and stick with the low-fat simplistic approach. Simple defines sex in music, especially when you slow things down to bed-creaking tempos like this. Those who I define as sexy seem to bite their lower lip to this cover, which is all I wanted to accomplish. You Can, but you won’t. Well I kind of just did, and I’ll do it again. Props to the Body Language kids, get psyched for their new music.” – Emil

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Emil & Friends : Polish Girl (Neon Indian Cover)

Emil & Friends re-visions Neon Indians’ uptempo synth pop song into a slow burner banger. Stream and download the cover below. Also be sure to pick up the new Kitsuné AMERICA compilation featuring a new Emil & Friends song entitled “Royal Oats”.

“Originally a purely synth based uptempo dancefloor-glider, Alan Palomo’s single from his last LP, “Polish Girl” was reworked in my head as a slow steady head banger, seemingly off of the drive soundtrack, with obnoxious rock guitars pounding away on the down beats. Lather, rinse, and repeat.” – Emil

Follow Emil on Instagram: @lazerfister

Download: Emil & Friends : Polish Girl (Neon Indian Cover)

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Emil & Friends : Midnight City (M83 Cover)

Emil of Emil & Friends has taken on M83’s 2011 hit “Midnight City” with this re-visioned cover of the track. Emil smooths out M83’s epic pop sound into a slick synth jam that sounds like it could’ve been on the “Drive” soundtrack. So please download and listen. Enjoy!

Also be sure to check out Emil & Friends at Brooklyn Bowl on January 28, 2012 opening for RAC. It will be Emil & Friends first show of 2012!

Download: Emil & Friends : Midnight City (M83 Cover)

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