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Emil & Friends : Internal Affairs

Kitsune just released the Emil & Friends “Royal Oats” EP this past week and it is quite a fam jam of a release featuring remixes by Dubka, Radial and DVNO. Included was a new track entitled “Internal Affairs” which is a nod to some of the French Touch forefathers such as Alan Braxe & Fred Falke, especially with that super slick bassline. Emil injects his modern synth pop vibes into the track while painting a surreal picture of a detective on the prowl. Check out the multi-panel music video for “Internal Affairs” that depicts a non-chalant Emil doing his musical thing.

Kitsune Blog – Emil & Friends “Royal Oats” EP Out Now

Purchase the “Royal Oats” EP on iTunes
Purchase the “Royal Oats” EP on Beatport

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Emil & Friends : “Royal Oats” EP + Minimix

“I sow my royal oats with you…”

Excited to announce that Emil & Friends is back with Kitsuné to release a “Royal Oats” (the track off the Kitsuné America Comp) along with a new track “Internal Affairs” and three fantastic remixes from some lovely internet homies of mine. Dubka provides a super slick disco funk remix, Radial turns the song into a big synth pop banger and DVNO transforms “Royal Oats” into a track that sounds like it should be the theme song to John Hughes 90s Ferris Bueller sequel that never came to be. Please give this mini-mix a listen that I helped put together and pick up the release October 22!

Kitsuné Journal : New EP : Emil & Friends “Royal Oats” EP

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Rory Phillips & Dubka : Don’t Stop

Rory Phillips teams up with Martin Dubka to produce this full on boogie jam entitled “Don’t Stop”. It is a full on funk jam that salutes George Duke, Herbie and all the funkmaster greats. Just groove with it.

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Ali Love – Love Harder

Ali Love’s next single is “Love Harder” that that summons the likes of Vangelis, Prince, Jan Hammer and Depeche Mode. A dark love tune that evokes the images of neon lights reflecting on a wet pavement city street. The chorus reminds me of the Giorgio Moroder produced Freddie Mercury tune “Love Kills”. Bravo once again Mr. Dubka & co.

Ali Love -Love Harder (Extended Version)

Via Big Stereo

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Ali Love x Luca C. & Brigante

Two weeks ago, Cazals announced that they were splitting to pursue each of their own musical endeavours. Daniel (lead guitar) is now pursuing Blank Space a new wave, guitar and synth driven solo project. Phil (singer) is no pursuing his own solo project he is hoping to launch in the new year. Warren and Luca C. are now part of the I Blame Coco’s live band – Coco Sumner’s (Sting’s Daughters) band. And as you all know Luca C. and Martin Dubka have been busy producing and co-writing Ali Love’s new solo album, an album I looking very forward to. It is very unfortunate that this great brit-rock band have split, a band that has been championed by Daft Punk, Andre, and Kitsune, just to name a few. I’m looking forward to all their future projects.

Luca C. has teamed up with Brigante to bring back that classic cosmic disco sound that electronic is in need of these days. The duo re-visions Ali Love’s “Diminishing Returns” as a cosmic italo acid track, 303 bassline included.

Ali Love – Diminishing Returns (Luca C. & Brigante Remix)

Download: Luca C. November 2009 Mix

Tracklist after the jump.
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Asian Dan Interview: SCARLETS

Scarlets’ Stefano & Ivan answer a few questions allowing listeners into their musical minds. Their “Boundaries” single is out 11.1.2009 – check out the video for the B-side “The Women of WWII” after the jump and checkout Stefano’s latest mix “KIMONOII”

Stefano Murgia – KIMONOII

Asian Dan Interview: SCARLETS

1. Who is Scarlets? How would you describe your sound?
Scarlets are five italian boys with a lot of sense of humour, but with a very serious attitude towards their music. Our sound changed radically during the last year. Now I guess we sound like an army charging upon the land.

2. What was your first musical memory?
Ivan:The big huge silver boombox radio standing in our sitting room playing some italian songwriters when I was 3.
Stefano: I guess my mum playing Violent Femmes’ vinyls and not liking them.

3. How did the band form? What is the band’s vision and goal?
We formed because of all the crappy bands hitting off british indie or american punkfunk. We just wanted to do something authentic. Our main goal is succeeding in writing 10 songs that we can still find satisfying after two weeks.
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Ali Love – Diminishing Returns

Ali Love – Diminishing Returns (Extended Version)

Ali Love x Luca C. x Dubka

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Scarlets – Boundaries

Torino’s own Scarlets new single will be out on APRIL77RECORDS on November 1st as a 7inch and on December 14th as digital download produced by Dubka. heck out “Boundaries” a very Cure-esque sounding track but with more of a jagged edge and punch – love the drum sound.

Scarlets – Boundaries

Scarlets Myspace

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We Are Standard x Dubka

I recently found this remix on Dubka’s myspace, a remix of We Are Standard’s “Last Time”. Dubka is so good at producing tracks that sound so 80s while not making them seem like a novelty thing. I particularly love how he transposes the vocals to sound like a woman. Also that synth guitar solo blows me away. Check out Dubka’s myspace to see what he is up to lately – currently he is producing Ali Love’s album, a synth pop odyssey that Giorgio Moroder would be proud of. Checkout “Smoke and Mirrors” here and “Diminishing Return” here.

Here is Dubka dropping some knowledge on how he achieved that crazy synth solo:

“The synth solo is just very fast programmed midi sent to the Commodore 64 synth I made. What makes it sound more guitar-like is the fact it’s going through an old Boss multi-effects box and I’m doing the pitch-bend live as it recording. The main sort of melodic theme is the same sound but it’s just played live.”

We Are Standard – Last Time (Dubka Remix)

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Kitsuné x Scion

Scion Sampler Vol. 23 Kitsuné Pioneer Minimix – Out 1.30.2008

Scion Sampler Vol. 23 Kitsuné Pioneer Tracklist:
01. Ted&Francis – Erlend (Ted & Francis Remix)
02. Hearstrevolution – Ultraviolence (Dubka Remix)
03. Guns ‘n’ Bombs – Riddle of Steel (Para One Remix)
04. Cazals – Somebody, Somewhere (Lifelike Dub)
05. You Love Her Coz Shes Dead – Dead End (Scion Edit)
06. AutoKratz – Stay The Same (Alex Gopher Remix)
07. Beni – My Love Sees You (Beni Edit)
08. AutoKratz – Pardon Garcon (Carbon Footprint Mix)
09. Cazals – Poor Innocent Boys (Shinichi Osawa Remix)
10. Fischerspooner – Danse En France (Beni Remix)
11. Appaloosa – The Day We Fell In Love (Ted & Francis Remix)

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