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We Are Standard x Dubka

I recently found this remix on Dubka’s myspace, a remix of We Are Standard’s “Last Time”. Dubka is so good at producing tracks that sound so 80s while not making them seem like a novelty thing. I particularly love how he transposes the vocals to sound like a woman. Also that synth guitar solo blows me away. Check out Dubka’s myspace to see what he is up to lately – currently he is producing Ali Love’s album, a synth pop odyssey that Giorgio Moroder would be proud of. Checkout “Smoke and Mirrors” here and “Diminishing Return” here.

Here is Dubka dropping some knowledge on how he achieved that crazy synth solo:

“The synth solo is just very fast programmed midi sent to the Commodore 64 synth I made. What makes it sound more guitar-like is the fact it’s going through an old Boss multi-effects box and I’m doing the pitch-bend live as it recording. The main sort of melodic theme is the same sound but it’s just played live.”

We Are Standard – Last Time (Dubka Remix)

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