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Ali Love x Luca C. & Brigante

Two weeks ago, Cazals announced that they were splitting to pursue each of their own musical endeavours. Daniel (lead guitar) is now pursuing Blank Space a new wave, guitar and synth driven solo project. Phil (singer) is no pursuing his own solo project he is hoping to launch in the new year. Warren and Luca C. are now part of the I Blame Coco’s live band – Coco Sumner’s (Sting’s Daughters) band. And as you all know Luca C. and Martin Dubka have been busy producing and co-writing Ali Love’s new solo album, an album I looking very forward to. It is very unfortunate that this great brit-rock band have split, a band that has been championed by Daft Punk, Andre, and Kitsune, just to name a few. I’m looking forward to all their future projects.

Luca C. has teamed up with Brigante to bring back that classic cosmic disco sound that electronic is in need of these days. The duo re-visions Ali Love’s “Diminishing Returns” as a cosmic italo acid track, 303 bassline included.

Ali Love – Diminishing Returns (Luca C. & Brigante Remix)

Download: Luca C. November 2009 Mix

Tracklist after the jump.

1 – Blueprint – Kink & Neville Watson
2 – Electricity – Linkwood
3 – Don’t sleep – zepp 001
4 – Feverish (the revenge mix) – Chamboche
5 – Diminishing Returns (Luca C. & Brigante Dub) – Ali Love
6 – Lack of Love – Charles B. & Adonis
7 – Baby wants to ride – Jamie principle
8 – For the same man – B Beat girls
9 – Easy (dub) – Ilija Rudman
10 – Ecstasy (Chicago stylee) – Bananarama

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