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DVNO : Man On A Wire

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DVNO : CHTAH شطح (Official Video)

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DVNO returns with the second installment of his mixtape series entitled “DVNOLANDIA”. Asian Dan premiered his first mixtape “Moonlighting” last year. With the help of Birdy Nam Nam’s DJ Pone, DVNO put together this eclectic mixtape of 15 unreleased original songs plus a few bootlegs, remixes and extrapolations of tracks by fellow Parisian artists such as Jus†ice, Para One, Chateau Marmont and Singtank. Stream and download DVNOLANDIA below and catch up with DVNO and learn what he has in the works.


“Dynamically, it is a roller coaster ride. From beginning to end, the mixtape builds and breaks in every genre you could imagine. While listening, it’s hard not to hear everything from Classic to Psychedelic to Prog Rock to late 90’s Hip-Hop to Dance Music. The composition is truly unique in it’s style. Teaming up with DJ Pone on the decks, DVNO captures a sound that isn’t really prevalent anymore. It breaks every cliché of the electronic genre right now. It’s rebellious without even trying.”

Catching up with DVNO:

1. Where in the world is DVNO ?

I was in DVNOLANDIA for a while (Divinolândia is a municipality in the state of São Paulo in Brazil). Now, I’m back and I’m locked in a basement somewhere in Paris, from dusk till dawn, polishing songs and writing down lyrics for my forthcoming album while not spinning back to back with So-Me in the sweet moisture of a club . (We have that sort of monthly party called Manigance going on here and there)
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Asian Dan’s Guest List : DVNO Top 10 Best Joints to Skateboard or Cruise to (At Night) in 2012

DVNO, four capital letters – a sight and name we all know and should get used to seeing more often in 2013. Mr. Mehdi Pinson aka DVNO has been busy in 2012 DJing non-stop, releasing mixtapes, working on remixes for the likes of Para One and Emil & Friends as well working on original music that will hopefully be unleashed in soon. Check out his Top 10 jams to shred gnar to in 2012 including the massive Cashmere Cat remix of Feadz & Kito, Schoolboy Q’s Menomena sampling “There He Go”, and the absurd Action Bronson & Riff Raff.

Asian Dan’s Guest List : DVNO Top 10 Best Joints to Skateboard or Cruise to (At Night) in 2012

Wettex (Cashmere Cat Remix) / Feadz and Kito
Fuck U All The Time (Shlohmo Remix) / Jeremih
Bird On A Wire (Feat. Riff Raff) / Action Bronson
Depravity / Gesaffelstein
When The Night (DVNO Remix) / Para One
There He Go / Schoolboy Q
Housecall / Boston Bun
I Be (vocal) / Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team
Quincy / Mattias Zimmerman
Swimming Pools (Black Hippy Remix) / Kendrick Lamar

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Emil & Friends : Internal Affairs

Kitsune just released the Emil & Friends “Royal Oats” EP this past week and it is quite a fam jam of a release featuring remixes by Dubka, Radial and DVNO. Included was a new track entitled “Internal Affairs” which is a nod to some of the French Touch forefathers such as Alan Braxe & Fred Falke, especially with that super slick bassline. Emil injects his modern synth pop vibes into the track while painting a surreal picture of a detective on the prowl. Check out the multi-panel music video for “Internal Affairs” that depicts a non-chalant Emil doing his musical thing.

Kitsune Blog – Emil & Friends “Royal Oats” EP Out Now

Purchase the “Royal Oats” EP on iTunes
Purchase the “Royal Oats” EP on Beatport

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Emil & Friends : “Royal Oats” EP + Minimix

“I sow my royal oats with you…”

Excited to announce that Emil & Friends is back with Kitsuné to release a “Royal Oats” (the track off the Kitsuné America Comp) along with a new track “Internal Affairs” and three fantastic remixes from some lovely internet homies of mine. Dubka provides a super slick disco funk remix, Radial turns the song into a big synth pop banger and DVNO transforms “Royal Oats” into a track that sounds like it should be the theme song to John Hughes 90s Ferris Bueller sequel that never came to be. Please give this mini-mix a listen that I helped put together and pick up the release October 22!

Kitsuné Journal : New EP : Emil & Friends “Royal Oats” EP

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Asian Dan Q&A : DVNO + Moonlighting Mixtape

This man needs no introduction for he is the man behind the musical likings of Scenario Rock and the voice that echoed “D-V-N-O, four capital letters…”, Mehdi Pinson returns under his alias “DVNO” with some new music that can be found in his new mixtape entitled “Moonlighting”. Download it below and check out the Asian Dan Q&A with DVNO.

Download: DVNO : Moonlighting Mixtape

Asian Dan Q&A : DVNO

Who is DVNO?

Well I guess it’s me. The conceptor and voice behind the eponymous song by Jus†ice. It’s becoming such a brand and trademark with clubs, promoters, djs, blogs, magazines and eventually the urban dictionary referring to the term as common expression to describe crappy discotheques. It really cracks me up. Last time Busy P told me a dude was complaining on twitter pretending he was the real DVNO. I own the copyright man !

How would your describe your music?

A sort of Drive by Crooning. A mixture of elegance and debauchery like Ferris Bueller playing “the Blue Danube” on his keyboard using sampled coughs and sick sounds then eventually singing in the parade.

What was your first musical memory?

Dancing to the JB’s and Otis Redding with my father singing along. He used to sit on the carpet with headphones on, playing moroccan tam tam, mimicking his favorite artists.
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Jamaica x DVNO

Ever since Scenario Rock seemed to have just faded away I always wondered what DVNO has been up to. I love their first album “Endless Season” especially the track “Modern Epicureans” and I was blown away by “Both Gotta Move On” off “Histrionics”. DVNO is back with this emotional remix of Jamaica’s “I Think I Like U2” which is a nice peak into what DVNO has in store. #SoEmotional

Jamaica – I Think I Like U2 (DVNO Emotional Remix)

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A Cross the Universe Clip

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