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DJ Mehdi & Riton: Carte Blanche “In The Mix”

DJ Mehdi & Riton, Carte Blanche in Europe is to House as is A-Trak & Armand Van Helden, Duck Sauce in NYC is to Disco House. That is what I am seeing as DJs/Producers are on a quest to touch back with their roots in order to find a new sound or even the reason why they do what they do. I’ve always been a fan of Riton’s work and the fact that he is so versatile with from his space Krautrock projects, Die Verboten and Eine Kleine Nacht Musik to his straightforward club banging tracks. And of course DJ Mehdi is the last remaining DJ on the Ed Banger squad that really interests me at the moment. Let’s see what this duo will do to reinvigorate the masses interests in classic house a la Duck Sauce.

Also this live iteration of Carte Blanche sounds interesting especially with the introduction of a 909 and the “No Bangers” rule.

“DJ MEHDI and RITON will tour as CARTE BLANCHE in May and June 2010, visiting all major cities in Europe and North-America. Four decks, one mixer, and a TR 909, of course. No bangers, strictly house music. Their first EP is set to drop on ED BANGER in May 2010 as well.”

Download: DJ Mehdi & Riton: Carte Blanche – In The Mix

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