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A Cross the Universe: Live Remixes

Jus†ice x Glenjamn x Hard Halloween

The Electro Banger scene has become quite stale and is just the same heavy distorted sound, but Justice has restored my faith in the power in loud electro bangers with these live Remixes/Revisions of “Phantom” and “One Minute to Midnight”. The duo have come a long way from their first live performances. They deconstruct, mix, and mash their own tracks in Ableton with such ease that it almost sounds like they are “playing” instruments. I am excited to hear what they have in store for the future. I am also very excited for the rest of this live album and the DVD. \m/

Phantom Part 1.5 sounds like Metallica meets Yellow Magic Orchestra & Rondo Veneziano.
Justice – Phantom Part 1.5

A little Iron Maiden reference.
Justice – Two Minutes to Midnight

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A Cross the Universe Clip

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Justice – Live @ Koko – DJ Set – Electric Proms – BBC 6 Broadcast – 10.25.2008

Justice x Devo
Photo by thisisitit

Justice Live @ Koko – Electric Proms – DJ Set – 10.25.2008 – BBC 6 Broadcast
Cheers to Maxim Condor for hooking this up 🙂
(The last 30 mins are Coldcut’s live set)

Here is a latest recording of Justice’s DJ sets from Electric Proms this past weekend as they promote A Cross the Universe. Strictly old school house and filter disco. No Bangers!! Except for their own of course. They even drop Daft Punk’s Face to Face and Crescendolls. Check out an interview with them here on the BBC 6 The Queens show, here. Xavier explains that they are done with the live performances after playing over 150 live gigs and that they are DJing now with “a laptop and a few of their small machines”.

Tracklist after the jump.

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Justice Live in Rio: Live Setup

Will someone please get me a Lemur Pad? 🙂 Justice’s live setup has become quite elaborate, almost as cool as Daft Punk’s Moog-tastic setup. I am very excited about A Cross the Universe but I wonder what Justice has in store after. Was their Rio show really their last “live” show? Justice x Kanye collab on 808’s and Heartbreaks?

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Revolver x Ed Rec

A Cross The Universe Teaser

Revolver 2008 Fall/Winter Lookbook via Hypebeast

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A Cross The Universe

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So the Justice boys posted this Myspace bulletin:


We’re currently working on the booklet for our next release,
A CROSS THE UNIVERSE (documentary + live) and would like it to be made only of images provided by fans (though if you hate justice but have good material it’s OK).

Any fun (or dramatic) picture, image, or art related to justice ?
Please send them to

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