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A Cross the Universe: Live Remixes

Jus†ice x Glenjamn x Hard Halloween

The Electro Banger scene has become quite stale and is just the same heavy distorted sound, but Justice has restored my faith in the power in loud electro bangers with these live Remixes/Revisions of “Phantom” and “One Minute to Midnight”. The duo have come a long way from their first live performances. They deconstruct, mix, and mash their own tracks in Ableton with such ease that it almost sounds like they are “playing” instruments. I am excited to hear what they have in store for the future. I am also very excited for the rest of this live album and the DVD. \m/

Phantom Part 1.5 sounds like Metallica meets Yellow Magic Orchestra & Rondo Veneziano.
Justice – Phantom Part 1.5

A little Iron Maiden reference.
Justice – Two Minutes to Midnight

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One More Disco: Metallica Remix Competition Results

So my fellow blogger, One More Disco held a contest Metallica Remix contest in honor of Justice’s live remix of Master of Puppets that they have been dropping at the end of their live sets. Some impressive stuff, give it all a listen and show your love to the participants and winners.

My fav Metallica song, Seek & Destroy, I’m sure you all have heard The Bloody Beetroots remix, Ill to Destroy.

Here are the prizes the winners won:

1st place = DJ Mehdi- Lucky Boy at Night (signed by DJ Mehdi) – CD Album + A post on One More Disco (and other popular music blogs)

2nd place = MixMag Erol Alkan Disco 2006 CD + A post on One More Disco (and other popular music blogs)

3rd place = A post on One More Disco (and other popular music blogs)


Metallica – Master of Puppets [OldSchoolReunion Remix]

(onemoredisco download link)


Metallica – Master of Puppets [Phantom’s Goldon Axe Remix]

(onemoredisco download link)


Metallica – Master of Puppets [aUtOdiDakT Remix]

(onemoredisco download link)

Because all of the tracks were great, we have decided to let you all hear them anyway.

Phantom’s Revenge Remix

(onemoredisco download link)

T.E.D.D.’s short, unfinnished Remix

(onemoredisco download link)

Pierre Lamoure’s Violent Puppets Melody

(onemoredisco download link)

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…Et Justice Pour Tous

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