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Justice Live in Rio: Live Setup

Will someone please get me a Lemur Pad? 🙂 Justice’s live setup has become quite elaborate, almost as cool as Daft Punk’s Moog-tastic setup. I am very excited about A Cross the Universe but I wonder what Justice has in store after. Was their Rio show really their last “live” show? Justice x Kanye collab on 808’s and Heartbreaks?

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JUS†ICE x Dior Homme: Spring-Summer 09 Mix

Justice did a mix for the latest Dior Homme Spring Summer 09 fashion show in Paris, just like Daft Punk did a year or so ago for Louis Vuitton. They dropped a new track. Classic Justice sound, epic piano chords, distorted arppegiated harpsichord, super compressed drums, filtered out synth, all the proper elements of a Justice track. Reminds me of Rondo Veneziano or Yellow Magic Orchestra with some SebastiAn elements. Any info on this would be great. Thoughts?

There is a full vid of the fashion show in the site that features the entire track Justice made for the show. Herve “Musicman” Pouliquen plays guitar on the track. If anyone can rip the full audio from the mix that would be great 🙂
Cheers to Sloblogdon Blogosovich for sending this over.
Dior Homme Spring Summer 09 Fittings Video

*Edit* Thanks Ulterior Music for getting the full version 🙂

Rip from the flash vid on the Dior Homme Website:

Justice – Dior Homme Spring Summer 09 Mix
Justice – Dior Homme Spring Summer 09 Mix (zshare)

JUS†ICE x Surface to Air

Jazz Mutant Lemur Pad x JUS†ICE

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Final Product // ATTIGO TT from Scott Hobbs on Vimeo

This is like Serato meets the Lemur Pad. Is this going to be the next big DJing tool? Will this beat out Ableton?

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Jamie Lidell – Figure Me Out


Jamie Lidell – Figured Me Out (Alt. Version)
Cheers, Fluo Kids

Jamie Lidell is bringing the heavy funk this time. Prince would be proud. The verse of this track is so tight, that pop of the snare just makes you jump. I dig this track more than that track that Warp Records posted on youtube. Jamie Lidell’s crazy looping program that he uses live to record his beatboxing, harmonies and other crazy vocal parts were all programmed and created by him in Max/Msp. Jonny Greenwood also uses Max/Msp to create custom glitched out guitar effects. The creator of Max/Msp & Cycling 74 is also the same guy that created the Jazzmutant Lemur Pad.

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