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Holy Ghost! : Okay

Holy Ghost! unveil a moody slow burner of a single off of their upcoming sophomore album “Dynamics” out on DFA Records on September 10. The duo slows down things with this mid-tempo new wave synth track that highlights their commitment to getting the mood and vibe just right.

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Holy Ghost! : Dumb Disco Ideas

Holy Ghost! channels their inner David Byrne with this angular disco funk tune entitled “Dumb Disco Ideas”. Shout outs to time lapsed videos.

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Holy Ghost! : It Gets Dark

Holy Ghost! hints at the direction of their latest sonic direction with their track entitled “It Gets Dark”. They dig deeper into the dark New Order vibes that they touched upon on their self-titled album. There amazing ability to craft big hooks and choruses is still very evident on this track. Let us see where the duo goes from here.

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Music Video : Holy Ghost! “Hold My Breath”

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The Rapture : In The Grace Of Your Love / White Out Sessions Live!

From this stream I can say that The Rapture are onto something fresh and exciting with their upcoming album “In the Grace of Your Love”. An endeavor that was lead by producer Phillipe Zdar who was a big plus in helping The Rapture keep one foot in the past and one in the future. Stream the entire album now via the DFA Records’ “White Out Sessions”.

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Joe Goddard : Gabriel

Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard embraces his UK House side with his new track “Gabriel”. Everything about this track is so “UK” with its emotional broken 2-step beat and murky bassline with an angelic female pouring her heart out onto the dancefloor.

Joe Goddard – Gabriel (Feat. Valentina) by DFA Records

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The Rapture : How Deep Is Your Love?

The new Rapture track has been floating around the web for a while but now DFA Records understands that free MP3s make the world go round, which is why they are offering the track for free with an e-mail as the only price of admission. This was quite the grower of a track for me at first. Not until the full blown outro section comes in with that bellowing “Hallelujah!” did I have my revelation that the Rapture are onto something.

Download: The Rapture : How Deep Is Your Love?

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Curses! x Holy Ghost!

I can’t believe I just started listen to Holy Ghost! now! What a great duo. I have heard their remix of Panthers in numerous mixes and loved it and now I finally know who crafted such a perfect track. Now here is a little DFA collaboration on this remix of Curses! “Deep End”. I just want to listen to all of Holy Ghost!’s productions all the time. And what an awesome logo! So many exclamation points in this post!

Curses! – The Deep End (ft. Nancy ‘LCD Soundsystem’ & Juan Maclean) (Holy Ghost! Day School Dub)

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These New Puritans x The Loving Hand (Tim Goldsworth of DFA)

Photo by Hedi Slimane

These New Puritans – Navigate, Navigate (The Loving Hand Remix)

Hedi Slimane designed Daft Punk’s costumes, is approved by Kanye, approves the Cazals, and now approves These New Puritans. I think Hedi Slimane is on to something.

The epic “Navigate, Navigate” highlights the artistic ambition and raw talent of the young band whose rich and disparate influences range from the sound of early 80’s industrial music to numerology, from This Heat to Dubsteb, and from J. Dilla to the films of David Lynch. The track begins with an unassuming sound collage of ambient electronics and feedback drones, which quickly fade out to make way for an urgent drum beat accompanied by brash guitar stabs and Jack’s dislocated vocal musings. Over the course of 15 minutes the track is an ever-mutating blur of layered vocal chants, taut rhythms and subtle details. A track of such stature had to be given an entire side on this, the band’s debut North American 12” release.

On the flip side is a club ready remix by Tim Goldsworthy under The Loving Hand moniker. Tim Goldworthy is part of the heralded DFA production team who have worked with and remixed artists such as The Rapture, LCD Soundsystem, Hot Chip and more.

These New Puritans Myspace
Beat Pyramid

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