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The Rapture : How Deep Is Your Love? (A-Trak Dub aka Dub For Mehdi)

A-Trak digs deep with this remix of The Rapture’s “How Deep is Your Love?”. He digs even deeper with this dub version that was championed by the great DJ Mehdi.

RIP Mehdi <3 Forever "I did this remix over the summer, and when I was close to finishing it I played it to my friend, the irreplaceable DJ Mehdi. We often played each other our productions for feedback. As it turns out he and Riton were visiting New York so they stopped by my apartment. I was working on the main version of the remix, the vocal version. I knew I would make a few alternate edits during the mixdown. The funny thing was, Mehdi's favorite part was the ending! He and Riton suggested that I have that part come in earlier. My reaction was: that would work well for the dub version. And sure enough, when I finished mixing it down I made a dub with their suggestion. When I sent it to Mehdi shortly after, he responded (as a joke) that I should call it "Dub For Mehdi". He included it in his "Tunisian Summer" mix. And then, as we all know, the unimaginable happened and we lost our dear friend. The least I can do now is name the edit after him. This one's for you, Memed." - A-Trak, September 28, 2011 [audio:] Download: The Rapture : How Deep Is Your Love? (A-Trak Dub aka Dub For Mehdi)


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The Rapture : Live @ SPINHouse, NYC – 9.20.2011

It was October 24, 2003 at Roseland Ballroom in NYC where I first witnessed this band opening for The Mars Volta who had the most enthusiastic cowbell player ever. Fast forward to the Summer of 2007 (The Bloghaus Summer of 69) at Coney Island, the cowbell strikes back – this time opening for Daft Punk, which brings us to 2011. The cowbell is still going strong, this time armed with 3 cowbells, The Rapture are back and stronger than ever. I had the pleasure of being invited to SPIN Magazine HQ to witness an intimate set from The Rapture as part of the SPINHouse music series. It was a short but super energetic set from the trio featuring all the hits. “How Deep Is Your Love?” sounded quite epic live and definitely a highlight, but to hear that classic tune “House of Jealous Lovers” brought me back. I will let these .gifs I made of the show speak for themselves, be prepared for excessive cowbell and guitar tapping.

The Rapture : Live @ SPINHouse, NYC – 9.20.2011 Setlist:
In The Grace of Your Love
Get Myself Into It
House Of Jealous Lovers
How Deep Is Your Love?

Special thanks to SPIN, Lacoste Live, and Reyka Vodka.

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The Rapture : In The Grace Of Your Love / White Out Sessions Live!

From this stream I can say that The Rapture are onto something fresh and exciting with their upcoming album “In the Grace of Your Love”. An endeavor that was lead by producer Phillipe Zdar who was a big plus in helping The Rapture keep one foot in the past and one in the future. Stream the entire album now via the DFA Records’ “White Out Sessions”.

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The Rapture : How Deep Is Your Love?

The new Rapture track has been floating around the web for a while but now DFA Records understands that free MP3s make the world go round, which is why they are offering the track for free with an e-mail as the only price of admission. This was quite the grower of a track for me at first. Not until the full blown outro section comes in with that bellowing “Hallelujah!” did I have my revelation that the Rapture are onto something.

Download: The Rapture : How Deep Is Your Love?

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60 Minutes of Madness with Mattie Safer of The Rapture

Fantastic mix by Mattie Safer of The Rapture for the French radio station Le Mouv. He opens up with Laidback Luke and Diplo’s collaboration, “Hey”, I love it. I wonder what The Rapture boys are up to, when is the new album coming out
Mattie Safer – 60 Minutes of Madness with Mattie for Le Mouv Radio

Tracklist after the jump.
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The Rapture DJs – Live in Toronto – Wednesday 8.27.2008

The Rapture are kicking off their DJ World tour this Wednesday in Toronto and I got space on the guestlist, so first 30 people to email with your name, will get on the guestlist 🙂 So everyone email quick!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008
Burroughes Building (639 Queen St. W.)

Sessions and REMG Entertainment are proud to present You Say Party! We Say Die! live in concert with special guests the Rapture DJs at the Burroughes Building on Queen Street West on Wednesday, August 27.

After an incredible, and simultaneously tumultuous 2007, Vancouver’s own You Say Party! We Say Die! are back – in some form at least. While YSP!WSD! are busy working on songs for their next album, the band is very excited to announce the digital-only release of Remik’s Cube, reworkings of their critically-acclaimed 2007 sophomore release Lose All Time, set for release via Paper Bag Digital on August 26.

Remik’s Cube contains the expressions of the remixer’s interpretations of YSP!WSD! live show. When you walk in to the room at a YSP!WSD! show, the atmosphere is electric. Neon blinking on and off, too loud music, the momentum kicks you into DANSK-space. You can tell you arrived, before you even walked in. You absolutely have to stop and stare.

The Rapture were forerunners of the post-punk revival of the early 2000s, as they mixed their early post-punk sound with electronic and dance elements via their collaboration with the celebrated New York production team DFA. The band is currently making new music while multi-instrumentalist Gabriel Andruzzi and Matt Safer break out spinning tunes as The Rapture DJs. They’ve blown away crowds as far and wide as Santiago, Chile and Sao Paulo, Brazil. The Rapture has a new song out right now called “No Sex For Ben” in the video game Grand Theft Auto IV.

Don’t miss this exclusive chance to catch You Say Party! We Say Die! live in concert along with special guests the Rapture DJs as part of Sessions.

The Rapture DJs

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The Rapture x Timbaland x GTA IV

The Rapture – No Sex For Ben (Produced by Timbaland) (yousendit)
The Rapture – No Sex For Ben (Produced by Timbaland) (zshare)
Cheers, Hyperbole

So I have been playing GTA IV way too much, I’ll probably soon need this, Xtensor. The game has a fantastic soundtrack, everything from Boys Noize, Steve Roach, Fela Kuti and Jean Michel Jarre, all amazing and out there tracks for a video game. This Rapture x Timbaland collab happened a few years ago but never made it onto their latest album but finally surfaced on the GTA IV soundtrack. The collab isn’t all it should be but I feel like that is what happens with every Timbaland collab, ie. Bjork and all those artists on Shock Value. Give it a listen and tell me what you think.

Liberty City vs. New York City

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