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Hey Champ Sign to 1st and 15th

So for the past few weeks I have been rocking out to Hey Champ’s “Cold Dust Girl” on repeat, such catchy pop goodness. Lupe Fiasco has been raving about them since they are a hometown Chicago act and recently signed them to his label 1st and 15th, another Ivy League Indie Rock band signed by a hip hop superstar.

I then stumbled upon Hey Champ DJs’ Retrosexual and Electrosexual mixes that they released sometime this time last year. I fell in love with one of their original tracks, “Sugar Daddy” which has this old school French Touch sound, something that Le Knight Club would produce. Great use of samples and filters.

Hey Champ DJs – Sugar Daddy

Here is another track by the band that has that Midnight Juggernauts synth feel but with a Depeche Mode/Duran Duran pop touch.
Hey Champ – Face Control

Lupe Fiasco x Hey Champ

Midnight Juggernauts x The Fader: Staycation

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